This... very straight male cancer [After watching a cousin fan]

Nat 2022-04-19 09:01:51

First, for my sticky look.
The rhythm of the film is not to my taste, and the ending is too rushed. I feel inexplicably jumping to the success part. The first part is too long and the soap opera part is not very understandable
. The overall story is simple and easy to understand. I really like it, especially when Joy sold two When I was 10,000 ➕, I was very happy. But the character inside is really... Joy's family only has her grandmother and her ex-husband sensible, and the others really... I especially want to complain about the character of Robert's father... When Joy's patent rights were robbed, he kept saying there shouldn't be Let Joy do things beyond her ability, what else, she's a housewife or something, really, capitalized, straight male cancer. So did my father's later girlfriend. When she invested, she must have seen the prospect before doing it. Later, when Joy was hacked, she did not scold those who stole her patent rights, but forced her to say that Joy was a loser. It's like someone stole your bag, but others say it's your fault because you didn't see his intention to steal the bag.
And Dad can even do such a stupid thing to his girlfriend, even asking her to pay for Joy and give Joy a room. excuse me? Are you married? Can you respect others? From this, it seems that Joy's father is really a strange straight male cancer, terminal. I don't have the ability to live in my daughter's house, but when my daughter made her own achievements but was hacked by others... This is a loser.
Then Joy's half-sister is also the best. She has no ability or ability to blame Joy. She forcibly robbed her of her business to pay for the money that should not have been paid, and finally competed with Joy for the company's property rights... The real family is the best.
Baby Wuli Joy worked really hard, but in the end she really had superpowers. She discovered a loophole that even the lawyer didn't see? And it seems that it only took one day... The speed of this fortune is amazing? And the last one is from Memphis The girl is too easy, right? It feels like a forced comparison, so Joy just tried this machine and easy In the
end, who said my cousin's acting skills were insufficient! Who said I can't be good looking! Cut short hair and wear a leather jacket just kills me! That last scene was awesome! But my concern is that it wasn't cut all the way the day before.
In the end, I confess my cousin ❤ Sticky I love you

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Joy quotes

  • Cristy 5 Years Old: Mimi said that you were the one born to help carry us on to success.

    Joy: No, Christie, Mimi was wrong. The world does not *give* you opportunities, the world destroys the opportunities. It breaks the heart. I should have listened to my mother, when I was 10 years old. I should have spent the rest of my life watching TV and hiding from the world like my mother. So I don't want to hear anymore about Mimi. She was wrong, she had her head in the clouds, and it was full of stupid ideas, and it gave me stupid ideas. But this?

    [picks up a mop]

    Joy: This stupid, stupid idea!

    [throws the mop down]

  • Mimi: [narrating] She'd put up with just about anything... until when she had to bring the hammer down - she brought the hammer down.

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