Wash the floor, but can't deal with family worries

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"Big Cousin" Jennifer Lawrence was nominated for the Oscar for the second time with "Joey's Struggle". Although she failed to be nominated for the second time, everyone once again saw the powerful acting skills of the big cousin.

"Joey's Struggle" was changed from a real story, a story about dragging the queen out of trouble and making a fortune. Coincidentally, the year the magic mop was born was the year that the eldest cousin was born.
The story is a typical American dream type. After experiencing decline, struggle, rise, and resistance, the protagonist Joey finally reached the pinnacle of his life. Of course, as a drama, the first half is boring. The episode begins by portraying the various family members, giving you an idea of ​​how bad and bad a family Joey is living in. But this kind of environment can not erase a heart with a dream.

In fact, sometimes success is about perseverance, perseverance and dreams. The environment in which the character Joey lives, if ordinary people are probably driven mad by the family environment, there is no time to think about any dreams.
But Joey did it. The talent in her bones and the stubbornness in her temperament made her move forward step by step toward her dream.
But in the film, when Joey sells his mop to a peak on TV shopping, when he thought that a happy life will come, you find that the original story is far from over. The hot sales of the product not only failed to bring a turning point in Joey's life, but instead became the last straw that broke her life.
When "Dad" became "Rudy", it also announced that the family had completely changed. At this time, you finally understand that the boring family member narrative at the beginning is for this. And the proud concept of "home" in the United States seems to be a burden for Joey, the grandmother's inspirational statement, the mother who succumbed to soap operas, the romantic father who thinks about beautiful girls, the sister who is jealous of himself, and a day-to-day Self-righteous ex-husband. Such a family, after all, makes Joey breathless, like a boulder on his back, let alone moving forward, it almost crushes you.

The outspoken eldest cousin played a role like "Joey" very deeply, whether she was so angry that she kicked the railing, reluctantly escaped from the spat between her ex-husband and her father, or cried hysterically in the face of holding the child, the eldest cousin's body This kind of reckless state portrays an ordinary but persistent female image very deeply.
It is also the eldest cousin with a somewhat careless personality that can present a "Joey" who will not be defeated by life on the screen. But a little bit is to "despise" the big cousin in a small way. You said that you are a movie queen, why can't you hold the last TV shopping? What about the professional level of post-production?

The reason why "Joey's Struggle" is so sought after may all be related to the "American Dream" and the current American society.
The "American Dream" is a beautiful and inspiring dream for many people who yearn for success. It allows you to find your own happiness and belonging from the bottom of the society. But in this film, we see a different "American Dream". It is no longer a struggle of one person, but a struggle of a family behind his back. In this "American Dream", we see more and decide not to struggle, but to fight to achieve our dreams.
Yes, it is a struggle. When Joey signed the mortgage agreement, she realized that her grandmother's words were the shackles that bound her for so many years. Angrily, she refuted what her grandmother once told you in front of the child, and then like a lioness who fought back, she fought back fiercely one by one who tried to take away her career.
When Joey himself cut his hair short and sat indifferently in a hotel chair negotiating with the factory agent, he looked down at the traitors like a queen determined to drop her burden and stand on the throne.
In contrast to today's American society, women are no longer subordinate to men. When Hillary Clinton is seen as the top candidate for the next president, we seem to see a trend of "women holding up half the sky" in American society.
Compared with the "American Dream" with elements of resistance, the "Chinese Dream" that has been working hard seems to be empty talk. Chinese women who have been family-oriented for a long time may find it difficult to talk about their dreams after marriage. Aside from the tedious housework, the grudges and grievances between the elders and children of Chinese families may be enough to make you tired.

"Joey's Struggle" is not just about the dream of a mop, nor is it just about inspiration, but about putting reality and ideals together. As the so-called "ideal is full, reality is very backbone", many times why we are afraid to talk about ideals, I am afraid that we are unwilling or unable to give up our family, but Joey's story tells us that we should give up when we should give up, otherwise we should give up. I'm afraid I'll get nothing in the end.

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