You're not worthy when you're forced

Russell 2022-04-20 09:01:40

I didn't think the heroine was good-looking at first, but the film made her an indescribable elf princess, so unknowingly I also thought she was a beauty. It can be seen that the evaluation of others does have a terrible influence on one's own judgment, and the derogation of the male protagonist by the default trust object in nature can be imagined how much it will affect him.
Even so, I don't think he's a 10, but it doesn't matter. The important thing is that the heroine likes him, even if the heroine doesn't think he is 10 points.
How did you get 10 points? 10 points per point. Its standards vary from person to person and are purely subjective. If love and good feelings are based on this, then you are doing multiple-choice questions. In theory, there must be people who have a higher score than you in an attribute in an infinite crowd. What if there is a higher share?
In fact, I believe that there is a "point value", but it is by no means something that we can use language to explain and use the current standard to price. It is so complicated that it can only be attributed to the existence of love. If so, then the score I'm talking about is equivalent to non-existence because we can't express it.
In my opinion, love is not a multiple-choice question, but a judgment question, not 1, 2, 3 vs. size, but true or false vs. presence or absence.
I love apples, so I judged it to be True. Although there are also watermelons and bananas, I can only give a cold score from the perspective of taste. Why do I love to eat apples,..., that is, I love to eat apples.
Well if, I'll tell you why it's really important to you.
Because you look like a moon, because you remind me of Paris, because your color always makes my teeth grow, because with you my computer hard drive will spin more stably.
Apple feels broken. This is also the problem encountered by the male protagonist. The advantages you see are inexplicable, but you do not see my advantages. The bias of judgment is too large.
How to do?
Who said, I love you because you can make me better.
If you take this trick, everything will be resolved, and if there is no clear value conflict (that is, Paris and the moon are not disgusting in your eyes), you can embrace love with the determination to become better.
If you still can't put your mind down, think about the famous words of Sherlock Holmes, it doesn't matter what the truth is, what matters is whether other people think it's the truth... so you think it's true.
In fact, the point I want to express is "if you,...".
To sum up, my point of view is that when two people are true to each other, if both parties can accept the "goodness" of the other party to themselves with peace of mind, then this is perfect love. If you feel that you have to do something to add more points or use some timely and effective theory to enrich yourself, it can only be regarded as "reluctance", and reluctance can become love, but when you are reluctant, you are not worthy.

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