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(The following remarks are forbidden to represent individuals, agree to like, disagree... Then I can't help it = =|}}}) When I

watched it, I went with my friends.
When I was choosing a film, my friend said to watch "Personal Customization", but there was no show. Then I said to watch this. You watch it for more than 130 minutes, and it costs the same amount of money. It's more appropriate to watch it for a long time.
The little friend was struck by my theory, which was tender and juicy on the outside.
But she chose to watch this later, because she thought the name sounded condescending.

At the beginning, I was stunned by the beauty of the heroine. I said that this girl looks very British!
The actors behind are all British, I thought it was a British drama, but it turned out to be a co-production.
After that, it was a typical horror in Europe and America. The strange creatures made my friends cover their eyes and roar around me: Why are you watching this! Mom, what is this! Don't eat dinner!
I laughed beside me meanly: I would have known better to watch a romantic movie with you.
The little friend was alert for a while: ... who wants to watch a romantic movie with you. Then he asked me again: Are you not afraid?
As a rational chicken, I replied with a cool smile: what are you afraid of fake.
My friends and I continued to read and discuss a question: You said that they can't make money by running around the city? doesn't work? Not going to school?
I said: You have to enjoy watching the movie, you can't be so picky.
She said hmm.
Then we continue to complain (…).

I have to say that my feelings after watching the whole film are:
1. Blockbuster.
Computer effects are so expensive!
2. Delicate.
Two explanations for the delicate part. 130 minutes is indeed a bit long. Compared with traditional Hollywood commercial blockbusters, it is not as compact, so it leads to some procrastination, but it is acceptable for the sake of its delicate narrative.
3. Sincerity.
Although the actors perform in a very academic tone and have a sense of drama, they are very serious. The music, scenes, art, shooting, scenery, etc. give me the feeling that they are very serious! ! !
4. I said that the clothes are too casual!
The casual clothes of the characters are very casual, especially the shots of some T-shirts of the yellow-haired brother. It's not cheap, it's just rushing...a bit casual, maybe the director is not careful about the dress?
5. Bonus points for the heroine's appearance.
The beauty of the heroine is really... Let me give a thumbs up, such a delicate face.
6. Action, love, suspense and fantasy, which can fulfill the dream of some middle school students to save the world.
When I was a child, I always thought that I was a space warrior in outer space. One day my companions would pick me up in a spaceship during the June 1st theatrical performance and tell me: Your Royal Highness, stop watching the cultural performance, there is a fight over the Milky Way. Come on, let's save the world together.
Then I went to save the world with my shameless yellow-haired companion while everyone was watching. From now on, everyone knows my true identity, and the math teacher will no longer pinch me in the face because I haven't done my homework.
If I watched this movie when I was in the third grade of elementary school, I would definitely give it 36 ​​likes! ! ~

========= That
's right! ! ! Make up one! ! !
At the end, the hero said very coolly: I don't think what he said is true.
Then the two went off on a motorcycle! !
Not really what! ! !
You don't think so, we the audience think so! !
It's over without any explanation! !
Brother and sister who have been separated for many years fall in love with each other! ~~~~~~

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