In the depths of the ocean, a story that has to be told

Danielle 2022-04-19 09:01:49

This film is adapted from the long documentary of the same name by the American writer Nathaniel Philbrick. The theme of the shipwreck is similar to that of "The Boys", and there is less beauty on the screen. Dreamy but more majestic and shocking, and different from the theme of "Youth School", which revolves around belief, this film is more about greed. Whale oil is a symbol of wealth in that era. It is also a huge temptation, and the film starts here.
The beginning of the real climax of the film is the unfortunate captain who met in the town. After learning the news of the whale group, greed blinded their eyes and forgot that the existence of the monster may be a fluke. Facing the behemoth in front of them, they forgot their identity as whalers. Only at this moment did they feel their insignificance. The "Essex" was destroyed and the flames ignited the whale oil and burned the whole ship. Maybe this It's more of an irony. The shipwreck began to fall on the boat with decreasing water and food. Finally, someone died. The two boats reached a consensus. The second officer looked at the corpse. The cousin who died in place of the captain, from the performance he uploaded, it can be seen that this person is a thorn, but when the captain drew the death ticket and was willing to replace the captain, I think he represents the young people of today. The cannibalism story is carried through a series of shots, and the camera turns to the beluga whale.
The captain's ego and the second mate's bravery are integral parts of the story. Facing the storm is the captain's sense of self, and the second mate's bravery and tenacity in the face of the beluga whale several times, especially when the beluga whale appeared several times, but this film also mainly emphasizes human and nature. The deputy looked at each other with more profound meaning. The dialogue between the second mate and the captain on the island also explained the relationship between man and nature.
They finally returned home. The captain's conscience found that it might be the shipwreck that completely changed him and finally told the truth. At the end of the film, Nixon said, "I heard that oil was found in the ground." It was full of disbelief, and he didn't want to believe the sacrifices they made for whale oil.

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In the Heart of the Sea quotes

  • Paul Mason: Blood, Mr. Chase. You can have all the voyages under your belt you want, but blood will always win out.

    Owen Coffin: Yes, well, blood is not gonna fill a ship with oil, Mr. Mason.

  • Pollard Senior: To be a captain, you cannot be a friend. You are their superior. Never forget that. Never let *them* forget it.

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