For a domestic movie, this is really an excellent disaster movie

Queenie 2022-04-19 09:01:50

Half a minute into the opening, the special effects of the five-cent page game scared me to the ground, and the voiceover kept looping in my mind [The world will be in chaos, the gluttonous war is about to break out, the coming mountain rain wakes me up from a hundred years of sleep, the king of zombies , the mysterious facial paralysis Wang Jingtian! ].
In the whole movie, only Zhang Hanyu and Beastmaster's acting skills and IQ are online, so they all died in five minutes in total.
From the beginning, the female soldiers who were purchased in batches from Wuqiao of Acrobatics gave away their heads happily, to Jing Tian took out colorful tokens from her bra, as if the Digimon were about to transform, Wang Junkai pulled a broken gong and tried with Jing Tian with her desire. Bigo's facial paralysis performed well in the horror role of the film. Matt Damon, a mercenary who experienced the crusades in the Frankish kingdom of Normandy and the dark age of the West, was shocked by the English level of the soldiers on the Great Wall of China in the Song Dynasty. , he decided to fight for the cause of socialism for the rest of his life without hesitation, showing the international humanitarian spirit of Bethune in the Middle Ages. ? I don't know if it will be the biggest BBQ party in the history of ancient China. ] and [Who am I? ? where am i? ? Why am I wasting my time here? ] Waiting for the philosophical meditation, I was stunned and ended this pleasant viewing in the noisy discussion of the audience.

By the way, I really want to suggest Sicong, I beg you to build a hall, say a word and get 5 points, turn on the phone screen once, 10 points, full 100 points, immediately! Original! land! burst! fry!

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The Great Wall quotes

  • William: The last time I saw you, you left me for dead.

    Tovar: The time before that I saved your life!

  • Commander Lin Mae: [about William] Men like him have many things they can teach us.

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