The meaning of life to death

Alexzander 2022-04-22 07:01:32

Is there any meaning to your life when you have everything?

There are always highlights in life, and there is a question - how do we face the future life after the highlights, in other words, how should we face the life after the "beautiful moment"? An elegant and fashionable old bastard, a noble and extravagant city that never sleeps, two seemingly unrelated individuals, but their identities are incomparably matched. Rome - the crown of Italy, the "eternal city", is not only the world's luxury empire, fashion center, but also the leading Catholic holy city. Just like Depp, who is both the king of the Roman upper class and has an unforgettable moment of beauty. "The Beautiful City" is a beautiful movie, but its beauty is divided, half is the indulgence of drunken fans, and half is solemn and sacred. Which half is the real answer to life? At this time, I thought of what the centenarian nun said in the movie - "Do you know why I eat vegetable roots every day? Because roots are very important..."

The gentlemen and ladies who are surrounded by expensive and elegant luxury are decadent and empty, while the monks who practice day and night and live a simple life are calm and relaxed.

Flashy - always stay on the surface of life, but the most important thing for people is in the inside of life. In the film, there is a very, very touching scene, which is the scene when the fallen countess revisits the old place. When I first watched it, I thought she wanted to relive the once noble and extravagant life, but when I watched her peacefully pass through those exquisite and luxurious houses and furniture, and went straight to the simple baby cradle in the showcase, I felt Just know, I was wrong. And she didn't do anything, just looked at it, and shed tears. At that moment, I understood what this movie was all about, and at that moment, my heart was shaken.

How to face life? How to face the beautiful life after? What is the meaning of life? I have something to say about these. The beauty of life is indeed only momentary to some extent, but in another degree it can be all the time—it is beautiful to reach the peak, and it can also be beautiful to live in the long-term; It is beautiful; young and passionate love is beautiful, and so can the vow to grow old together. We always yearn for youth and greatness, but no one thinks that old age and insignificance are failures, because they are what we ordinary people are going through. And we can also experience the beauty of life in the vivid and beautiful little ones. You see, we ordinary people do not even have great opportunities, and we are not living well. We always have to remember that the beauty of life will not kill the meaning of life, because we can't see it all at once, and there are many, many unexpected beauty, and they will remain tomorrow. In fact, we can never give life meaning, because life has already given us meaning, but we always have no chance to find it. After the collapse of metaphysics, classical philosophy derived a doctrine called pragmatism. What does it mean? It is very simple, it is to blow away all the ethereal things, and leave the real things, not to talk about doctrines, but to talk about problems. And Camus once said: "There is only one really serious philosophical question, and that is suicide." Sometimes we ask what is the meaning of life? It's actually very simple, you don't need to deductively reason, you don't need to summarize, or even think about it, you just need to force yourself to face death, as long as you want to understand why you can't die, use a pragmatic approach Inquiring into the meaning of life is that simple, pale, and effective. The meaning of life may be concrete, such as lovers and children; it may also be abstract, such as dreams, hopes... But no matter what it is, as long as it is there, as long as it is enough for you not to commit suicide, it is often enough. This is the meaning of your life right now. And the meaning of our life is never fixed. The meaning of "to live toward death" is never reflected in "life", but in "to", the verb that represents the eternal flow of the river of life. And these meanings are never given to you, but you should accept. So, my young friend, never try to find meaning in life, never try to define life (just like Depp pinned meaning on a life of lavish fans), because life is never a concrete entity, an abstract concept, life is life itself , and the only thing we can do is love life. I love philosophical movies because of the sublime life

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  • Loren 2022-04-24 07:01:12

    It looks like a young Pope X youthful complex, but it turned out to be the first to shoot. The inevitable physical and mental aging is probably the ultimate original sin facing mankind.

  • Jana 2021-12-18 08:01:12

    Excessive beauty in exchange for deep numbness, must be beautiful, must be pleasing to the ear. Then ten thousand people fell down, confirming that it alone did not harm me. The camera looked restlessly, tossing and turning 360 degrees, impatience, time running out, and going with the wind. Gemini's peculiar weirdness and jumping, hippie smiley people understand nothingness. Fellini, Celina, Flaubert, Proust, and Villebel are looming. It's just a trick, and I will finally watch Rome quietly on a slow-moving boat.

The Great Beauty quotes

  • Dadina: How's the soup, Little Jep?

    Jep Gambardella: The soup's good. Why did you call me Little Jep? No one's called me that for centuries.

    Dadina: Because a friend, every now and again, needs to make their friend feel like they did as a child.

  • Santa: Why did you never write another book?

    Jep Gambardella: I was looking for the great beauty, but, I didn't find it.