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Duane 2022-04-22 07:01:32

Just record a little feeling:

1. Space: Clip space in coherent time. I can often feel the dislocation of space (or time and space) and the intricate relationship between different time and space, such as Jep's house, balcony, people under the balcony, the sea that does not exist but exists; such as the mother outside the temple, Jep in the temple, and the underground of the temple. A little girl; also like a boat on the sea, a child on a reef, and the bottom of the sea.

In addition, Sorrentino's lens movement is so unique, there are many vertical shots, and even upside down shots.

Space: different levels of the temple
Space: stone stands and garden below, nuns and children
Vertical shot: little girl paints in anger and pain

2. Staring: The people inside are always staring at something, and the picture in the film is what someone sees. To stare - to be stared at. To watch - to be watched. Jep watched women perform, Andrea stood on the rooftop and watched, Romano watched lovers kiss, Jep watched little girls paint, Ramona admired sculptures and paintings in museums, and different spaces were linked together like this.

Gaze: watching girls paint

3. Two clips that touched me: one was Jep and Orietta walking, O said that he had seen snow here, Jep asked what it was like, O said "white", this clip is very concise and touching; the other is approaching At the end of the credits, Jep and Dadina are having soup, Dadina calls him Jepino, Jep asks why she calls him that, she replies: "Because every now and then, a friend should help a friend feel like he did as a child."

how about the soup gipino
Why hasn't anyone called me that for decades, Gimpino?
because whenever
A good friend should make her friend feel as if she was still a child

4. A memorable clip. One: Who are you? You are nobody. Two: About fragility and untruth. Three: It's a trick Four: Looking at the sea in the room, Jep asked her, then Ramona said she saw the sea, then the camera moved to the ceiling, a piece of blank. This lens is so genius!

swimming pool
Swimming pool: this one is so beautiful

The presentation of life, death, sex, and beauty in it reminded me of the related topics of "Walking with Vulnerability" and "The Power of Myth".

The latter mentions that people always want to figure out the meaning of being alive, but the meaning is assigned later, the meaning of life is its existence, and that's it. Death and life are twins, death gives life, life brings death, and accelerating life is accelerating death. "Walking with Vulnerability" adds that only living can die, all life dies, and the truly immortal are the dead.

Only when people are freed from the desire to possess and the fear of loss can they see life and death as they really are, and can reach eternal infinity.

An interesting one comes to mind: cosmetic cosmétiques, from the Greek, means both the universe and the decoration, as if the sky is just an ornament. Life is just an illusory trap.

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Extended Reading
  • Daron 2022-03-29 09:01:03

    There is no resistance to "slow, beautiful and gorgeous" star man. Also love the sarcasm and humor in it. It's sad to see it on the big screen. (When can the big screen brush to the soul of Venice and Barry Lyndon can die)

  • Carter 2021-12-18 08:01:12

    Except for being beautiful, it is not a first-class city propaganda film. It is good-looking. It is a columnist who is born in the United States with Aland Bolton or even more fancy and loves the book bag, that is, it is slick and not high in style. The vain image lacks internal determination, and the creative aesthetics of advertising is still New Europe.

The Great Beauty quotes

  • Dadina: How's the soup, Little Jep?

    Jep Gambardella: The soup's good. Why did you call me Little Jep? No one's called me that for centuries.

    Dadina: Because a friend, every now and again, needs to make their friend feel like they did as a child.

  • Santa: Why did you never write another book?

    Jep Gambardella: I was looking for the great beauty, but, I didn't find it.