What is your real favorite in your life?

Theron 2022-04-23 07:02:28

She used to be a TV commercial model and is now physically and mentally crippled.

Romans love to dance.

What is your real favorite in your life?

I'm an artist and don't need any bullshit explanation.

Usually hard people don't shit.

She has only loved one man in her life, and that was you. Although she is married to me, she still loves you, and she only regards me as a good partner.

A nostalgia for the impressions of a deceased beauty many years ago.

Writers are at each other's throats.

You are 53 years old and living a broken life like us.

- Hello, my daughter's name is Ramona. - Can you change your name?

The 42-year-old stripper knows she doesn't have the fate to marry and start a family.

How many people can an old man know? Almost half of the people in the city.

Writing requires focus and quiet.

Inspirational writers who write when they are inspired.

She smells like flowers.

Angry little girl splashing paint to paint, so-called art for adults to watch.

At the funeral, say to the widow: From now on, if you feel empty, you can always rely on me.

Someone knew several princesses in the city.

Someone who lived in Rome for 40 years finally got disappointed with it and went back to the country.

An exorcist who refuses to talk about spiritual aspects and likes to talk about meat.

Sociable King: Have we really never had sex?

A woman: No.

Sociable King: Then we should make it up.

A very old nun who only eats 40g of root plants a day and sleeps only on the floor, not in bed.

Usually the end of things is death, but first there is life, hidden in these words, in these noises. Silence is emotion, and love is fear. The beautiful light, the wild and impermanent, and the despicable, filthy and miserable hearts are all buried under the embarrassment of being a human being. The exterior is decorated with glitz, and I don't care about glitz. So, this is the beginning of a novel. Ultimately, it's just a trick.

The details of every bridge in Rome are beautiful.

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  • Alexzander 2022-03-28 09:01:04

    Reality and imagination are the same, and the place of decay is also beautiful.

  • Forrest 2022-04-24 07:01:12

    The title quotes Selina's insight on life in "Wandering in the Vast Night", and then uses the remnants of the emptiness in Rome to constantly emphasize a current Europe, a Europe that is withered and cruel and still proud. The whole film is like the final mission of the movie is to be gorgeous It shows the decline of the land, and various characters are portrayed and mocked at the right time, but how do you feel, this is not Selina-like boredom.

The Great Beauty quotes

  • Egidio: I'm not important. It's her I worry about. I love her. And I'm not a loser there, I'm a father. And like all fathers, I'm worried. What'll she do in a few years? She can't be a stripper at 50!

  • Egidio: Why don't you fix her up?

    Jep Gambardella: Me?

    Egidio: Don't you know any rich guys who want a beautiful wife? We could change her name, that's no problem. You'd do me a big favor.

    Jep Gambardella: I'm a writer, not a pimp.

    Egidio: Sorry, I was a bit vulgar.