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Einar 2022-04-23 07:02:28

At first I thought it was a slow-paced movie, because I really don’t watch movies very often, I was afraid that I would give up halfway, and I didn’t know anything about the style or various film theories. Happy, and from the perspective of a "scumbag", it resonates a little with the male protagonist. Write down two paragraphs that you find quite interesting. I will definitely have to brush it twice in the future.

As I wrote it, I felt, "Wow, this movie is awesome". I don't watch much movies, so don't make fun of me.

"You don't necessarily have much sense of patriotic mission when you were in school, but you have another mission that many people remember, which is your favorite thing to do in the college toilet. You write party history because you were the mistress of the leader at the time. , your 11 novels are censored by the party-funded Xiaopo Publishing House, which is published by the subordinate party newspaper. Everyone says so. I didn't say that my novella would be better. I agree with that. You and Yossi Bio's relationship...what relationship? Eusebio loves Giordano, who knows. How many years have we been in love, every day at the table under the hanger in Arnaldo's restaurant, we have lunch together, like a To your sweetheart, sitting under the tree sweetly, you turn a blind eye. What sacrifice do you have for your child's devotion... You work on TV all week and go out at night. Drug dealers don't go out on Mondays, you Just go to play. When have you been with your children? You have not been with them during long vacations. Besides, you have a housekeeper, a waiter, a cook, a driver who takes the children to school, and three nannies. Tell me... When and where are you? What sacrifices have you made? These are your hypocrisy and vulnerability. Stefania, mother and woman, you are 53 years old and living a broken life like all of us, you should not be high above and despise everything, but should Empathy with us. We are all on the verge of despair and all we can do is look after each other and play jokes with each other."

Very cool paragraph, in fact, the most sympathetic is the last paragraph. The more it is now, the more I feel that the great dreams of the past are all dreams with no prerequisites. I fully understand that people need a good-looking appearance to package themselves. I do the same. I can be more shameless than her, but I am not proud of it. It should occupy the pointless moral high ground. We all live a broken life, and because of that, the only thing we can do is look after each other, which is much more reliable than collectivism.

Most people's lives are trivial and can't be as luxurious as in the movies, but it's just a matter of form. What's most important now? Making yourself happy is the most important thing, and all life is for that. When I was in the academy, I used to think that in the end we were talking about the "good life", not ideology. I was really fed up with ideology and all kinds of -ism. Once caught up in this kind of discussion, no one can In other words, there is no "self". I really can't ignite that kind of raging fire in life. What can be ignited is probably anger, and it's not raging, but anger. This feeling of powerlessness and anger continued to intensify with age. I felt that it was too late, I felt that I had done something wrong, so I just went back to the factory and started over.

Complaining to the end, the only way to make me happy is to tell myself that I read for my own happiness, and that I contribute by the way. It has nothing to do with the movie, it's just that a lot of similar memories and complaints flashed through my mind when I watched it, so I wrote it down a little.

And when Jabil said this, the people around were full of embarrassment, "Stop for a moment, let's stop for a moment"... Everyone's different expressions and small actions were precisely because Jabil was on the point, but everyone was reluctant to expose it. The beautiful city is like a dream, it is the Rome where Jabil has lived for decades, it is real, but it is not as real as the sea on the ceiling. Because it is built on reality, once it is pierced, reality will leak out of the canvas (thinking about it, the story of the little girl in modern art is also very interesting, this movie is awesome), this hidden consequence, As if looking at the painting from behind, Jabil saw the shadows of the paint behind the canvas, a hypocrisy so obvious that he couldn't write at all. And memory... It may have nothing to do with the current reality, it is silent but mobilizes the senses, so I have to talk about the last paragraph of the movie.

"Usually the end of things is death, but first there is life, hidden in these words, hidden in these noises, silence is emotion, love is fear, beautiful light, wild and impermanent, and then the meanness and filth And miserable hearts, all buried under the embarrassment of being a human being. The exterior is decorated with glitz, and I don't care about glitz, so...this is the beginning of the novel, and in the end...it's just a trick. Yes, it's just a trick. "

There are two things worth mentioning about death. One is that the literary and artistic son who was mentally ill committed suicide at a high speed. He closed his eyes and only heard the sound of desperately accelerating. This incident led Jabil to talk about "funeral performances". The so-called funerals are actually for the living, which is really interesting (I laughed out loud in front of the screen, sorry wwww). And the other stripper (forgot the name, the daughter of an old friend of Jabil, who was still dancing striptease at the age of 42 and was complained about by her father, what was it that cost so much money, and later said it was for medical treatment, and she didn't say anything about it until she died) He is the only person who really resonates with Jabil (grass? When I wrote this, I found that I unknowingly started to use the concept that appeared earlier in the movie, that is, the artist who hit the wall, crying and saying that in fact, I don’t know what resonance is, and I can’t explain it in words, This movie is awesome), only the two of them were lying on the bed, saw the sea, and heard the sound of seagulls, which triggered Jabil's memories of Alyssa's tender love and touched his truth. When the literary youth died, Jab played very hard, and the stripper just looked at him, even a little embarrassed (because he had explained to her carefully how to act, and maybe even wanted to laugh a little). And the stripper died without even a single picture (I was really afraid of her dying on Jabil's bed, I think that scene was shot like that on purpose), making Jabil sigh "Everything around me is dying, young people first To die for me" is really "dealing with death". When the female editor was comforting him, she called him "Little Jab", which echoed the photo exhibition he went to see later, and also directly led to his memories of the sea, Alyssa, truth, and love. And "novel", the beginning of his writing again.

The trick is that the magician friend made the giraffe disappear. That part is actually very, very interesting. The actor said, "Can you change me too?" The magician smiled and said, "It's a trick." And when he was doing tricks, the actor's good friend (in his 50s and still living in a student dormitory, acting as a licking dog, probably not a talented screenwriter) came over and told him that he was going back to his hometown and lived in Rome for a few days. Ten years, Rome let him down, and the only person worth saying goodbye to is Jabil. Jabil said goodbye to his good friend, and when he looked back, the giraffe was gone, and the magician looked like he had performed successfully. The artistic conception is too complicated. I have to take two seconds to see what I have to say. I think so. In the final analysis, it is the relationship between the paint on the canvas and the reflection on the canvas behind it. The giraffe is gone, but it's not really gone, it's a trick, that's what it means, just a trick. But does this deception refer to the confrontation between the false and empty life of the city of Rome and the real, or does it refer to time? If it is the former, then the good friend represents the truth. I still remember that after the queue was over, he slept in the car in order to prepare for the flight to the woman who never kissed her. It was... very aggrieved, and it was distinct from the prosperity of the party. Contrasting. But he came over to say goodbye to Jabil, he gave up, stopped doing it, and realized that "the only thing worth saying goodbye is you", the only real thing is the friendship with Jabil, and this friendship is also behind his back. go. If it is the latter, it actually corresponds to the understanding of Jabil's constant recollection of his feelings with Alyssa, and even his desire to read Alyssa's diary. He wanted to look back, but found that the diary had been moved forward The husband of Alyssa who stepped forward was lost, and they laughed, like the magician, "just a trick".

Needless to say, there are many scenes in the movie where different lights flicker on people's faces. Love is fear, all I can think of is that Alyssa turned her head away from the kiss, took a step back, and opened her clothes to Jab. (I really blew this "first" description, thank you, it was so sweet) The other thing I want to talk about is religion. It's probably impossible to say that Rome is a beautiful city without mentioning Catholicism ( ;´Д ') Saint Maria is really cute, curled up on the ground to sleep and snorted to make Jab scream, "Do you know why I only eat roots? Because roots are important". Saint Maria and that (why don't you go cook) cardinal should be a contrast, it's so real to be endorsed so often...but I've been wondering what that exorcism actually means, I understand it now The meaning is actually black Catholicism. Exorcism has a special status in religious belief. It is not unreasonable to say that you are superstitious. "You are the best exorcist in the world" may be a curse word, I don't know. .

When the male protagonist said this, he happened to cooperate with the 104-year-old saint Maria climbing the stairs with her knees. At the end, she showed the most real (largest) smile in the film. From my personal point of view , and even the mouth that had lost all teeth looked somewhat similar to the little girl who had not yet had teeth. If the cardinal's "exorcism and swearing" was established before, this is a more routine (but I like this routine) expression. Catholicism as an organization is more biss, but the religious spirit is eternal and true.

When I recorded these clips in words after watching it, I found that the original movie did not have any extra parts, and they all echoed each other. Of course, this is just my viewing experience, many small details are very cute, such as Saint Maria swaying like a little girl and accidentally playing with her feet, kicking her shoes out, dwarf female editor "This is the funniest Part" "I've always seen the world from the perspective of a little girl", and Mrs. Corona's moving face when she went to her childhood palace to listen to the audio guide. (That being said, I think it's worth writing about the female characters in the film, as well as the strippers, Alyssa, and that wall-smashing artist.) If I had to say whether I liked the movie or not, I'd say yes.

Wait a minute, I found out that it seems that the representatives of the true feelings in this movie are all children or children's demeanor and gestures... Is it really like "you want to enter my door, you have to be like this child".

After reading it, I thought of Malaparte, the funeral of the young girl in "Skin" and the American officers eating fuchsia luncheon meat in a bustling palace. If Japanese aesthetics is the incompleteness of beautiful things, the Italian beauty of this film and "Skin" is to let ignorant and pure reality trample the original exquisite beauty and historical weight under the feet, and finally use religion to provide sublimation. All the hypocrisy hides the truth, and all the hustle and bustle is followed by silence. I think it's pretty good and very moving. If so, why not give it five stars?

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  • Bell 2022-03-28 09:01:04

    The director is so young, yet he has an old soul and talent.

  • Theodore 2022-03-29 09:01:03

    There are two ways to fill the emptiness: one is zealous faith and action, and the other is to strengthen the body and wait for the sea to fill it up naturally. Choosing the first one is destined to be unable to stop, unable to look back, and as a result, either simply slammed into nothingness, or took off his clothes only to find that the holy was too old to fall asleep beside him. And the sound of the waves of the sea is actually just a play of inner demands, it hides the desperate life like the silent scream of a giraffe.

The Great Beauty quotes

  • Dadina: How's the soup, Little Jep?

    Jep Gambardella: The soup's good. Why did you call me Little Jep? No one's called me that for centuries.

    Dadina: Because a friend, every now and again, needs to make their friend feel like they did as a child.

  • Santa: Why did you never write another book?

    Jep Gambardella: I was looking for the great beauty, but, I didn't find it.