The songs in it are really good

Jasen 2022-04-19 09:02:01

I dialed 6 o'clock in the Central Committee last night, when Jia Film had an appointment to introduce the film. I saw that there were still Hu Yanbin and Deng Lixin singing? It turned out to be the Chinese interlude of the movie "High School Musical", which is a good movie. I was immediately attracted by the song, so I quickly sat down and enjoyed the whole film.

After enduring a few depressing commercials, I finally finished watching this TV movie. It was the most popular original movie on Disney Channel in 2006. So far, it has won 6 Emmy nominations and 2 Emmy Awards. and 3 awards in the National Youth Voting; its original soundtrack not only became the annual album sales champion in the United States last year, but also broke a number of billboard ranking records, including the album's four singles all entered the US singles chart in the first week at the same time, refreshing the Beatles Shi Si once set a record in the chart, and the nine singles in the album all entered the Top 100 of the US Billboard Singles Chart at the same time, and set a new Guinness World Record! This critically acclaimed Disney original TV movie broke the Disney Channel's viewership record on the day it premiered in the United States, rewriting the highest viewership rating for an original TV movie since the channel's inception with a record of 7.7 million viewers in the United States.

The story begins with a holiday. Troy, the hero, is the captain of the school basketball team with superb basketball skills, and the heroine is Kaibi, a learning master (a god-like person to me). The two of them participated in a karaoke game on New Year's Eve. Going to the stage to sing karaoke, both of them were attracted by each other's singing voice.

After school started, the two found out that they went to the same school. At the same time, the school's annual musical casting contest was about to begin. Because of their passion for singing, Troy and Kaibi formed a team to compete, but What seemed like a simple thing has changed. The team led by Troy is about to compete, and the club that Kai Bi is participating in is also participating in the game. Time is running out, friends are against it, and the super-popular twins Xia Pei and Ryan, the protagonists of the school musical, have spoiled the game. A bland casting contest turns into a dream comedy.

I didn’t watch musicals very much before, because they always felt unpleasant, and most of them lacked the style of music I liked. However, this film follows a youthful route and has a popular style. The opening song has already put me in it. They are all in the music of the movie, which has never been seen since "The Pianist at Sea". The special voices of the male and female protagonists have always attracted me, and at the same time, they have also reinterpreted countless plots of the same version. , the only difference between music TV movies and other movies is that there are too many dancing and singing plots. Although this is the way of this kind of movies, it is always difficult to adapt. . But the little girl who plays the piano inside is very nice! It seems to be called Olesya Rulin, but there are basically no pictures of her on the Internet.

After watching the movie, I immediately found the original soundtrack of the film on the Internet. I didn't expect it to be so famous. It made me very depressed, who often listened to music and soundtracks. To make up for it, I added the album to my hard drive using eDonkey. in the "Movie Soundtrack" folder, which is convenient for frequent enjoyment.

By the way, "High School Musical 2" has already been broadcast on August 17, and the movie version will also be released in 2008. Let's all look forward to it together!

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  • Freddie 2022-03-24 09:01:58

    So old in high school. - -. Disney didn't give me a big surprise. The music is not bad, admit it. by the way.. the girl who composed the music is beautiful.

  • Brett 2022-04-22 07:01:31

    The song is still good

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