different youth

Sidney 2022-04-19 09:02:01

The two became acquainted with each other because of a song and became each other's confidants, and then the heroine transferred to the school of the male protagonist. The male protagonist is the man of the school and the captain of the basketball team Wildcats. An important game is coming soon. And the appearance of the heroine made me feel that I can have a different life, don't be shackled, they are not supported by brothers and classmates, and finally they prove like people that their youth should be wonderful. Among them, there are Humorous atmosphere, very good-looking, worth relying on, different youth.

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  • Chase 2022-04-22 07:01:31

    I haven't watched a musical in a long time.

  • Jacinto 2022-03-27 09:01:08

    Music and dance movies have no love

High School Musical quotes

  • Troy Bolton: Whoa, don't tell me you're good at hoops too.

    Gabrilla Montez: You know, I once scored 41 points on a league game.

    Troy Bolton: [looks at her, astonished] No way.

    Gabrilla Montez: Mmhmm. Yeah, and on the same day I invented the space shuttle and microwave popcorn.

    Troy Bolton: [grins wildly as he realizes she tricked him] Ah, microwave popcorn. Haha, very funny.

  • Troy Bolton: Okay, now we will only be able to do this if we all work together.