The correct way to open a youth film

Jasen 2022-04-19 09:02:01

This is the correct way to open a youth film, isn't it?

The seventeen or eighteen-year-old who are fresh and tender enough to be squeezed out of the water, the youthful breath of the actors themselves is very pleasing to the eyes, instead of letting their fathers and mothers play them!

The story is also based on the story of growing up in life, whether it is big or small, self-confidence, bravery, friendship, family affection and self. These are the themes that youth films should have, and hazy love is only responsible for the icing on the cake.

With Disney as the backing, you don't have to worry about the hardware at all, and the choreography and songs are all good.

All aspects together make a complete whole.

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  • Oma 2022-03-27 09:01:08

    Occasionally, this youthful movie needs to be adjusted. ^ ^

  • Nikki 2022-03-22 09:01:55

    I forgot to add this stuff, the first part is still good..N watched it a long time ago

High School Musical quotes

  • Troy Bolton: She has an amazing voice.

    Ms. Darbus: Perhaps the next musicale.

  • Troy Bolton: [laughs] Now that's impossible.

    Sharpay: [coming out from behind the sign up sheet] What's impossible, Troy? I wouldn't think "impossible" was even in your vocabulary.