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Kaya 2022-04-21 09:02:15

Originally, I had no interest in this type of film. Later, on the one hand, because a girl I liked liked it, on the other hand, I wanted to relax, so I watched it.
The plot is indeed very general, very unreal, very boring, and easy to guess.
However, there is still one saving grace, as I have always said: what we lack is an eye for beauty.
First of all, the song is good, as the girl said, the song is good. In addition, what I like more is that the lyrics are very suitable for my taste.
The actors in it are pretty, at least I feel comfortable looking, even though the heroine is a little bit charming when she smiles.
It expresses some real thoughts, real thoughts - sincerity, to be a real self. Although the ideas and plots are nothing new, in my opinion, the newer the better if the idea is not seen. For example, there are some big truths that almost everyone has heard of, and almost everyone thinks that they understand the understanding. In fact, I think most people just know it and don't understand it.
Sincerity is such a beautiful word! I think almost everyone wants to be treated sincerely by others, right? Yet society is so strange that what most people expect is often difficult to achieve. Our description of this society is often "intrigue", "deceive each other, use each other"... as if there is very little sincerity in the world. And sadly, it's not because sincerity itself is such a difficult thing. Why exactly? It is difficult for me to give an opinion that everyone is satisfied with. Most people should think this way: In this society, being too sincere can't survive, or it will be very difficult to live. Because sincerity brings more misunderstanding and hostility than hypocrisy. This is an incredible thing, but it seems to be the case from my current observations. So I really agree with this point, I think it is true at least within the allowable range of error. Perhaps this is also an excuse for me to set the following personal code of conduct. I might as well say this one rule of mine: try to be sincere, because sincerity makes me feel real beauty, and the beauty emanating from sincerity makes me feel physically and mentally happy easily, but don't force absolute sincerity. Oh, this is a very vague guideline, which is not suitable for use as a guideline, because it is easy for people to take advantage of loopholes, just like ambiguous laws can easily allow prisoners to escape. But I can only set such guidelines. Honestly speaking, on the one hand because I think a certain level of hypocrisy has penetrated into my marrow, and I don't know how to get rid of it; In order to survive, I had to give up absolutes. Ha ha ha ha

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  • Dominic 2022-04-22 07:01:31

    Disney's works are relatively younger.

  • Jordan 2022-04-23 07:02:17

    The model is quite Bollywood, and there is a fight with a little more sensationalism, lamenting the infinite beauty of youth, and the original soundtrack is really good.

High School Musical quotes

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