Sing and dance

Houston 2022-04-21 09:02:15

American school musical, this kind of movie is very nice and not tiring.
There are many characters in it, but they all have very distinctive symbolic features. Except for the two protagonists, I prefer the black girl with big lips and the little girl who plays the piano. They are very distinctive.
I was very moved by one of the episodes: Before the basketball game, the actor's father said, don't be nervous, you have done a good job, I am even more gratified that our father and son can love basketball at the same time, and in the future life Enjoy the sport. What he said is really good. My dad comforted me the same night before the postgraduate entrance examination: "If you don't work hard, you will be blinded in the exam. I know your level. Don't study it, and it's not bad for a while. If you can't take the exam next year, let's talk about it." The comfort that sounds a little deflated really makes me especially relaxed, because I know they will always be behind me, and it's good to have a dad like this.

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  • Francisco 2021-12-14 08:01:14

    Inspirational plus love plus friendship, into singing and dancing, no need to think about anything else, just relax and laugh.

  • Viva 2021-12-14 08:01:14

    It's nice to be young.

High School Musical quotes

  • Troy Bolton: Whoa, don't tell me you're good at hoops too.

    Gabrilla Montez: You know, I once scored 41 points on a league game.

    Troy Bolton: [looks at her, astonished] No way.

    Gabrilla Montez: Mmhmm. Yeah, and on the same day I invented the space shuttle and microwave popcorn.

    Troy Bolton: [grins wildly as he realizes she tricked him] Ah, microwave popcorn. Haha, very funny.

  • Troy Bolton: Okay, now we will only be able to do this if we all work together.