Robin: the beautiful and sad devil's son

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"I want to live! Please take me to the sea with me!"

Appearance and clothing

I thought Robin was beautiful from the first moment she came on as a villain. Her facial features are completely different from those sweet girls represented by Nami. Or Sanji said it well: "This is a mature charm that is completely different from Miss Nami~" (Nami and Robin's similarities and differences, will be written later) Two years ago, she was very exotic, comb He has neat bangs, a straight nose, a pointed face, and a dark complexion that is completely bronzed. Add to that her taciturnity, which, yes, doesn't look cute at all, but she fits my aesthetic perfectly. She likes to wear dark, not bright, frosty colors and rarely wears skirts. Such a woman is so charming! Two years later, Robin became beautiful and very white. He combed his bangs and showed his forehead. He also wore bright clothes, and basically he was wearing skirts. But I always have a faint sadness. It seems that the mysterious and dark Robin no longer exists. She has become beautiful and gradually become a little ordinary. But this is also a good thing, and it also means that she has finally integrated into this big family. No matter what, this elegant and beautiful Robin is the number one beauty of One Piece in my heart.

character traits

mature and calm

I've always liked Robin's character. She is taciturn, mature and calm, she can read quietly in a storm, and she can be completely unhurried before danger comes. She is a person who never depends on others when she is in trouble. (I'm really annoyed with the crying little girl!) Even sometimes I think she's a little too strong. However, in fact, she is very sensitive, has low self-esteem, and is eager to be loved. It must be because of her childhood experience, she will often think of some bad things, although sometimes these things will be used as a joke. Her poise and maturity gave her a unique beauty. Even if he is not the strongest, he is always brave. And she will always support Luffy's actions without complaint. For example, when Luffy wanted to form an alliance with Luo to fight the Four Emperors, she fully supported it, but at the same time she would analyze the situation rationally. (However, except for the weak trio, everyone will be like this (laughs)) Maturity and calmness are really the most attractive characteristics of Robin.


Robin has always played the role of a scholar in the group. She's really super smart, maybe even a genius. At the age of eight, she got full marks in archaeology and became an archaeologist. In the early days, Robin basically read books when he was free, and as an archaeologist, he would look for historical relics and interpret historical texts wherever he went. Because of her appearance, the main line of One Piece: ancient weapons, D, gradually began to appear. Until the moment when the final truth is revealed, maybe One Piece is about to end. The author chose to let her complete the task of finding the historical text, and it has to be said that she is a suitable candidate. The elegant archaeologist is, well, the perfect person.


After all, Robin is the older among them, and has been in the world for 20 years, interacting with various forces, so she will always be the one with the most social experience in the Straw Hats. In the auction house of the Chambord Islands, she easily pointed out the names and bounty of Law and Kidd, (but Aunt Xia is really unreachable) On the way to Punk Hassad, she had no idea what Luffy received. Mysterious phone calls also considered a lot of possible dangers. In the theatrical version of Death Adventure, a hidden and chaotic gambling arena, she laughs that her former pirate captain brought her here.

main experience

Now let's talk about the role of Robin. The author has created a very complete image of Robin, and I think the Judicial Island, the capital of water, with Robin as the protagonist is the most exciting series of plot chapters in One Piece. Now let's talk about its cause and effect.

Of course, it will start with Robin's appearance. She started out as the vice president of the Baroque studio, working with Crocodile to try to overthrow the nation of Alabasta. I wasn't very impressed with her when I saw her for the first time, but it was surprising that Robin, as a villain, saved Luffy many times after that. At that time, it will make people feel faintly that she does not seem to be the real villain.

The story continues, with Baroque Studios ultimately failing and Crocodile being defeated by Luffy. Robin was then homeless. At that time, when she asked to join the Straw Hat Pirates, I believe that many people were not optimistic about this point, but I think this will also allow us to know more about this mysterious and both good and evil woman. She was the only person on the Lu ship (including the later crew) who offered to join them herself. Moreover, she is not like the lively and straightforward boys and girls in Luffy's circle. She is ten years older than them, and she always has a slightly upturned mouth and a preoccupied look, which makes people never know her. What are you thinking. This is a completely different black-bellied female character. At the same time, not surprisingly, she was also neglected by the whole crew, especially Zoro who had a strong sense of responsibility. This time also revealed a little bit of information about Robin: she is an archaeologist and has been wanted since she was 8 years old. so small? Why? Why is she called the Devil's Son? How has she survived all these years? None of these questions have been answered.

After that Robin started adventures with them. Speaking of being together, in fact, they don't trust each other. Most people don't regard Robin as a real partner, just because of Luffy's face, they take care of her. The scene that left a deep impression on me was that they landed at the naval base after returning from the sky island. When they finally escaped, all six of them were about to leave the ship, as if they had completely forgotten that one person was not on board. In the end, Robin got on the boat silently by himself.

I had always been very concerned about Robin's relationship with them at the time, and terrified that the situation would continue to be so embarrassing. But luckily the turnaround came.

There is a very important reason for this story. The crew land on an island and meet Admiral Aoki, who has been chasing Robin since she was a child. When he tried to attack Robin, the buddies did their best to help her. But in the end, Aokiji turned Robin into an ice sculpture, and defeated Luffy, and even turned him into an ice sculpture. It is worth noting that Aokiji's words at this time: "Although you are a child, you survived cleverly. Betrayal and fleeing, curry favor with people, use people, and survive in the dark society by relying on that smart mind. You, the chosen hiding place this time is this group of people... You will understand right away that you will regret bringing such a troublesome woman soon. The best proof is that so far as long as you have a relationship with Robin The organization of the gang has all perished, and she is the only one who survived.... Let me remind you that you will never be an opponent of Nicole Robin in the future, you can't bear her being born as a lone star." This paragraph is very mysterious. He was full of deep meaning, and it also cast a haze on Robin's heart at this time. Since then, she has fallen into a vicious circle of self-doubt. After the crisis was over and Robin returned to normal, she was always worried. Because, at this time, Robin discovered the protection of the members of the team, and also realized that the doom and crisis that accompanied him in his life would bring harm to the members. Although he was able to escape temporarily, they would continue to receive more from the world government in the future. threat. At that time, Robin's desire to leave without dragging everyone down gradually became stronger, laying the groundwork for her behavior in the Water Capital.

I think this short foreshadowing is a stroke of genius. In just a few episodes on this island, it laid the foundation for more than a hundred episodes to follow. Without this episode, Robin's subsequent self-sacrifice would have no depth and, for any reason, a little blunt. Robin grew up and had countless enemies in the 20 years he was wanted, and now they are also targeting the team members. This time it was an escape, what about the next time? In fact, Robin has always cherished these companions, so she fell into contradictions, self-blame and self-doubt.

This is where the Water City chapter begins. The theme of this chapter is "Friendship", which means that the relationship between Luffy and the crew will be developed. There are very few fighting scenes in the capital of water, because the main thing here is to develop the plot. I'll write another article about my thoughts on other things going on in the water capital, and I'm just talking about Robin here. While shopping with Chopper, Robin met a person who claimed to be cp9, and then she suddenly disappeared, leaving their group without a trace. That night, there was another report that the general manager of the dock, Iceberg, was attacked. One of the main culprits of the attack was Nicole Robin.

Why? Isn't she fine? Why assassinate the iceberg? At that moment, countless doubts came to my mind.

Her wanted notice was printed in the newspaper, along with two other wanted men of the Straw Hat Pirates: Luffy and Zoro. It also caused the attitude of the people at the Iceberg Dock to the Straw Hat Pirates to drop to freezing point. She knew it would be like this, why did she implicate the crew? Could it be that she is still a villain in essence, and that everything she did before was to use Luffy and them? At that moment, I knew that Robin should not be bad, but because of the unknown reason, I even felt that Robin was lying to them all the time.

The plot continued to develop, and the suspicions became more and more. Why did she tell Sanji and the others that they would never meet again? Why would she obey cp9? All of this for what? Robin, an already mysterious woman, became even more mysterious at this time. We were equally at a loss as Luffy and the others. No one knows what happened, but I was particularly impressed that Zoro said, "I never trusted her."

In the end, the truth came out, from a conversation between Iceberg and Nami.

Franky has the blueprints of ancient weapons, while Robin has the ability to read ancient texts on the design drawings of ancient weapons. The world government took them both at the same time in order to summon ancient weapons. Because of the previous Aokiji incident, the Navy had the opportunity to execute a demon slaying order against the Straw Hat Pirates. Robin knew that the crew could not resist such a disaster, so she signed an agreement with the world government, she helped to assassinate the iceberg, and put the blame on the straw hat gang, so that the straw hat pirates could leave safely, only her Captured alone. At this time, she herself lost the courage to live. She knew that following cp9 would only lead to death, so she chose to sacrifice her life to protect her companions. At that moment, everything seemed to come to an end. I have seen Robin's interpretations written by others, saying that Robin is a person who "lives in guilt and always feels that he does not deserve love". Among the organizations she had been in before, she was more of mutual use with others, and never had a real partner. So, it is. She was actually a woman with a very tragic life, which will be discussed later in Robin's recollections. Deep down, she is an extremely inferior and sensitive person. She usually looks like a royal sister, but she doesn't open her heart. She hopes to gain the affirmation and trust of others, but she refuses to believe that she is entitled to it. She was afraid that her companions would abandon her again like the previous organizations, so she might as well help them for the last time before being hurt, and then die. Suddenly remembering that Zoro said he never trusted Robin, I can't help but feel a little sad, but at the same time I am also very relieved to find that Robin is actually a very good person, and if the truth is like this, then according to Luffy and his party His temperament will never sit idly by. When I saw Nami crying and telling Luffy after learning the truth, plus the tsunami that would hit her in an instant, the gust of wind hitting her face, that moment was really shocking. It was a night destined to be restless.

The Judiciary Island chapter begins gradually. Robin and cp9 and others left in the sea train, and the crew followed in another train. At that time, Robin's heart was ashes. Even if there was a chance to escape, he gave up sadly and still obeyed cp9. This tells us that even if the crew recaptured Robin, she would still be terrified. So Robin had to trust them and make her feel like she was truly their partner. The crew went through all obstacles along the way, followed the train that took Robin away, and finally came to the headquarters of the Navy - Judicial Island.

In the end, when Robin and Luffy's group stared at each other across the waterfall in Judiciary Island, I think it is the most classic scene in One Piece.

On the tower opposite Robin stood his comrades, who walked towards her firmly, as if all difficulties had vanished before their eyes. And by Robin's side, stood their enemies. At that time, Robin had actually lost his mind, so even if they had already entered the Judiciary Island and stood in front of her, she still shouted for them to go back. "My enemy is the world and its darkness. No matter how generous you are, you will discard me as a burden!"

Next, we ushered in one of the most classic pictures of One Piece. Luffy said silently, "I finally know who Robin's enemy is. Sniper King, burn that flag for me."

Usopp said "Understanding", and in an instant, the flags representing the World Government and the Naval Headquarters were blazing brightly. At that moment, the Straw Hat Pirates officially declared war on the World Government. For you, we will not hesitate to be the enemy of the world! Come back Robin, we are your buddies! At that moment, during the more than 20 years of suffering in her life, her companions shone brightly like the sun into her dark and lonely life.

"Robin, say you want to live!" At that moment, the world seemed to be quiet. The partners looked at her firmly and confidently across from her. At this time, Robin was already crying. I think anyone, no matter how indifferent, would be deeply moved by such a situation, let alone a man like Robin who is on the brink of redemption.

So she cried from the tower: "I want to live! Please take me to the sea!"

At that moment I really burst into tears. The world is so big, why is it fortunate that partners can rely on each other and redeem each other. At this time, Robin was really moved by his companions.

Then, the author reveals to us the long-hidden life and childhood of the character Robin. She has been bullied frequently since she was a child, and the world government has been chasing her after she destroyed her hometown with a "slaying order" when she was eight years old. As a child, she took refuge in various places, but those who took her in kept abandoning her and betrayed her to the navy because of her bounty and other reasons. Every time she went through untold hardships, she survived by luck. As a child, I saw all the cruelty and ruthlessness in the world. In desperation, she could only rely on those evil organizations to survive. But there was never a relationship between them that was companionship, just taking advantage of Robin because she could read ancient texts. Therefore, there is Aokiji's words "betrayal and escape, flattering people, using people..." This is actually a very morbid relationship. In so many years of suffering, what kind of strength does this girl have to support her to live. Perhaps it is because there is still a glimmer of hope in the world, or the words of the giant Sauro: "The sea is very vast, and there will definitely be companions who can protect you. People are never alone in this world. !" She has been trying to find the answer to this question. So many years of experience have made her a man of few words. She had never experienced the mutual trust of her companions...until she joined Luffy and the others. So, how lucky she was to join them.

Although there were many episodes of what happened next, it was not difficult to say. It is also interspersed with the story memories of the partners when they got on the ship, and I can't help but sigh that every partner of Luffy is exchanged by him with life and blood. So the Straw Hats fought cp9. The two regiments are almost equal in strength, but when each member is at a disadvantage and suffers, he will think of Robin's more profound suffering, so he gritted his teeth and fought back desperately. And Robin, who originally wanted to die, was desperately struggling in front of the door of justice, waiting for her friends to save her. In the end, cp9 was destroyed by the group, and Robin said "ありがとう" and officially joined the Straw Hat Pirates.

After that, Robin was no different from other Luffy's companions, so Robin became more and more cheerful, and new adventures began. Together they crossed the cruel sea of ​​thousands, riding the wind and waves.

After Robin's story is over, let's go back to the character of Robin. One Piece is very good at shaping characters, especially some protagonists. From the mysterious woman full of exotic customs at the beginning, she gradually cleared the fog of her identity in the development of the story, to the gentle and calm archaeologist of the Straw Hat Group, which is not only the appearance and the change of clothes, but also represents her gradual change Open your heart to your friends.

At this time, Robin, she will finally no longer wander helplessly in the world. She used the courage and confidence given to her by her companions to bravely look directly at her past. That brave, beautiful and sad devil's son has finally found his home.

Robin and Nami

Although Robin and Nami are both women in the Straw Hat Pirates, they are two extremes. When watching, I often find the similarities and differences between them, and it is really interesting to compare these two people together. Let me talk about the difference between them first.

I think the biggest difference is nothing more than appearance and character. Nami is a typical cute girl, with short orange hair, big eyes, bright white skin, very beautiful, but sometimes I think her looks are too uncharacteristic. Such looks, such as Wei Wei, and the very beautiful blonde girl in the sky, they and Nami look alike except for the difference in hair color. But Robin is completely different, the kind that belongs to Shaqi's kind of special looks. The most obvious is the dark skin, and secondly, the eyes will not take up most of the face, it looks a little evil, and the color of the pupils is layer by layer, it feels really endless and mysterious.

These two people are completely different in appearance, let alone in character, they are completely different. Although Nami looks cute, her personality is not that cute at all. Because of her own character and her childhood experiences, she has become a resolute person who beats, curses, yells, steals, dares to love and hate, has a hot personality, and threatens to ask people in the baroque studio chapter. Long Shi said: "Yeah, I will go to hell." There is a kind of indifferent ruffian, but at the same time, like the weak trio, she will be brave and kind-hearted at critical moments. Nami was originally set to be a female warrior wielding an axe, so we can get a general idea of ​​what she looks like. Although she later became a navigator, this character has remained to this day. Moreover, she sometimes has a very little girl side, when she is in danger, she will be afraid, cry, scream, and then instruct the other members to protect her, but she will always stand up when it is time to be brave. Nami is hated by many for being a little selfish at times, but, from that, a very three-dimensional character emerges. Actually, I really like Nami's character. Robin is the exact opposite of Nami. Although she looks cold and insidious, she is much gentler than Nami, she is taciturn and never bluffs, and even rarely speaks loudly. She never orders or threatens others, but just does what she should do. She is even more mature and calm than Nami, never afraid when encountering danger or scary things, this character trait is especially prominent in the horror bark. However, she is actually a very sensitive person at heart, and she always holds back what she has to say, which is different from Nami's bold personality. After all, she is ten years older than her, and she looks like she has experienced ups and downs, and although Nami has also experienced ups and downs in society, she sometimes still has the side of a fledgling girl. One of them is a royal sister, and the other is a girl. If Nami's character resembles Luffy's, then Robin's character resembles Luo. One is lively and the other is calm, which are two completely different styles. When encountering an accident, their reactions are also completely different. The weak trio are always surprised, scared, and then opposed. But others are always supportive without complaint. This is reflected in any chapter. I feel that the relationship between the two of them is like a sister taking care of her sister.

Their fighting power is always different. At the beginning, Robin was a strong group when he appeared as the villain. At that time, Nami was still the cute little thief cat and couldn't use the weather stick proficiently, so there was still a gap between the two. But after that, Nami became stronger and stronger, and Robin was obviously weakened (Robin's flower fruit ability is actually very strong, because speed and strength are useless to her, and it does not consume physical strength, and if she Once again, she will be really invincible. But she is getting weaker and weaker, and she has become an assistant... But it is understandable that the author wants to drag the plot and reserve a place for the protagonist. .), so there is a gap between the two.

But speaking of commonalities, I actually think Robin and Nami's lives are very similar. Nami's mother was killed by the murloc Aaron, and she has to work for her mother-killer Aaron since she was eight years old (and again), and must save 100 million berles to pay back the money Aaron promised to liberate the village number. Been working for ten years. During these ten years, she has become a thief, constantly flattering and betraying people for money. And Robin's hometown was destroyed by the world government, losing his hometown, his family, and everything before. They are all children who were forced into society in childhood. The Cocoa West Village and the Water Capital Judiciary Island are actually surprisingly similar. They all betrayed the Straw Hat Pirates for some reason, but they were also deceived themselves. Aaron never intended to liberate Cocoyashi Village from the very beginning, and CP9 never intended to release the Straw Hats from the very beginning. A youth who has been deceived for ten years, and a companion who has been deceived by himself. And in the end, the ending was the same, Luffy and others all rescued them, and they all joined the pirate group in moved tears. (Thinking about it this way, Luffy really saved too many people.) Nami is faith, Robin is strength, and both are amazing women. However, Robin's suffering actually started when she was two years old. Her mother has gone to sea and has no father, so she can only live with relatives, where she is often neglected and even bullied by other children. For Nami, she at least had a happy childhood. There are many characters in One Piece with tragic childhoods, but most of them either had a carefree childhood or were redeemed to gain courage. However, Robin is really a person who has suffered for twenty-six years. Even the giant Sauro, a friend whom she finally made, died in front of her, and her mother who had only met a few times died tragically. Moreover, Nami's suffering has a purpose, to save money to liberate the village, and Robin, just to live, and no one supports this purpose. Not that I don't think Nami's life is tragic, but I think Robin's life is even more poignant. In short, how terrifying these hardships are for children, who have to shoulder such a fate and responsibility at such a young age.

Robin and Nami have similar experiences, but they have completely different personalities, and their attitudes and ways of looking at problems are also completely different. And this determines their fate.


In fact, I always wanted to write an article for Robin to express my admiration and obsession with her when I was watching the Judicial Island, the capital of water. I didn't have an iPad keyboard at the time, so most of this article was typed out word for word on the iPad screen. But it doesn't matter, I'm still "thinking and eloquent". Robin is actually one of my favorite characters in All One Piece. Before she appeared, I never had such thoughts about others. She is elegant, beautiful, mature and rational. In the early stage, she exuded a kind of charm that deeply attracted me, and in the later stage, her gestures all touched my heartstrings. She's not without flaws, but those flaws are lovely too. In the process of watching, I feel that Sister Robin is really my goddess. I want to cherish her strengths and learn from her bravery, strength, calmness, and kindness. I hope that I can be like Robin in the way of growing up and find the historical text that belongs to me.


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