Robin's Return Merry's Departure

Priscilla 2022-09-22 11:08:44

Seeing 312
in one month, there are so many moving and shocking
. Several people can have such a great influence.
Each has his own dream,
but because of this, he found the same destination

and struggled together to

see everyone going to save Robin. The place is really too much moved.
They are happy because they have each other

as Merry said it was happy when he left.

Tell others that I'm watching One Piece and many people just think it's a cartoon.
It is inevitable to associate with those very rubbish cartoons.

I want to say that there are really too many things that can shock a person's heart.
This is far more than what a cartoon contains.

Carry the anime to the end. . . I'm just a little worried, will I

be empty to death after watching One Piece

There are such a group of partners in my life.
Animation is animation after all. . .

This still has to distance itself from reality~

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