A full record of a crime that is more shocking than thrilling

Lionel 2022-12-19 11:47:57

Ari Murphy, who once made countless gay and rotten women's adrenaline rush dramas and successfully frightened off the small and fresh, really changed his taste this time. From the first episode, he cut into the famous American famous rhythm with a documentary-style rhythm. From the beginning of Simpson's wife murder case, this series is probably destined to amaze the audience with a unique form of full-length crime records, rather than
attracting blood and tears like "American Horror" and "Scream". The horrified gaze of the audience. I think Director Bi Ai is really going to change his taste this time. After all, he has made so many horror films. This time, it is really time for 3 to be amazing, but from the first episode, let's look at the story of "Beautiful Sin" Sex shouldn't be too strong. Most of the more amazing things are concentrated on the actors' performances. I have to say that this time, Director AI has really pulled a group of actors who are very cost-effective. Sister Banana, as soon as she entered the beauty and sin, the ghostly spirit of her body suddenly turned into a completely generous, full of tension, no stage fright, and no pretentiousness, and the other actors also showed no signs of He did not hesitate to give his best level, which can be said to give the director enough face.
Judging from the style of the first episode, the tone of this work should focus on crime records and insider excavation. This is what I think is the most laudable part of the show. The review of the case at the beginning illuminates the theme, and the middle The court trial also makes people feel bloody, the rhythm is slow and tight, and the softness is exciting. It can be said that the main creators probably already knew it when they made this drama. As for the American horror fans generally think it is boring , it should be a small discomfort with a sudden change in taste.
All in all, this is a sincere work, and it is a full record of crime that is more amazing than thrilling. I hope fans of American dramas will not miss it!

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