Fake like real.

Payton 2022-12-09 19:20:34

I finally waited until the tenth episode today? After watching it, I have a lot of feelings. Sometimes there are too many things that obscure the eyes, and it is difficult to distinguish the real from the fake, so there is a saying that the fake is the same as the real, and it is also ingenious. At this point, the original truth is not important, but depends on your attitude, and your attitude will be affected by various aspects. There is no convincing result in the Simpson case, and I have no ability to investigate. And the truth doesn't matter anymore. Perhaps the existence of dialectics is not for the search for truth and truth, but for a system. In any case, the Simpson case is positive for the entire American society, because there is controversy and there is progress. Wish there were more arguments in our country?

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