When the law confronts racial discrimination

Joey 2022-10-27 05:45:26

As long as you write a comment, you feel that you have something to say and want to recommend it. When writing the evaluation of this TV series, of course, I think it is very good, so what is it good for? List a few points:
1. Almost panoramic restoration. Restore to what extent? Even Virgo thinks that this film can no longer be more like a documentary. When introducing the life of each important person after the case before the end of the whole play, the photos of the real person and the actors are posted to compare, and the director and actors will not let it go. Over any detail, because I personally like film and television works that are highly restored regardless of historical facts or novels, I think such detail-oriented film and television works can very well reflect whether the crew is a hot topic or made with heart. There is no doubt that this film has no The works that were ordered for one season after the pilot broadcast are absolutely conscientious, especially to restore a story that most of them know and may even have witnessed with their own eyes, the difficulty can be imagined. In addition, the use of a large number of historical image materials, and the imitation of a large number of fake historical images that are enough to confuse the truth (the camera position in the court trial and the overhead shots of the public), while feeling the drama of the case, it also reminds you that such a ridiculous trial turned out to be a real.
2. The script is excellent. The already bizarre road to trial is really easy to adapt, but if you add a lot of stories outside the court trial, the screenwriter's ability to grasp the rhythm will be revealed. While some people have criticized the procrastination of the first few episodes, I think this is the reason why the writers are trying to explain how the trial of the century deserves such a name. In the first episode, the case was explained in a few strokes, followed by a road chase. Simpson accepted the arrest, matched with the emotions of the common people when he was arrested, and then explained the lawyer team, each person's merit and personality strategy, and then listed the evidence, accompanied by a lawyer. Their private intrigues, the understatement of the court trial process, and even the jury episode were not overlooked, and all of these are to pave the way for the final judgment day, and the emotions gradually reach a climax. It's disjointed and slow-paced? Many details of the script in the last episode are worth mentioning. For example, when the case entered the end of the jury voting session, the lawyers were urgently called back to the court to hear the results of the trial. The defense lawyers hired all black bodyguards to escort Shapiro. Interesting; for example, when the results of the trial were announced, the reader was deliberately stammered, enough to see that this case put a lot of pressure on everyone involved, and the power of the details of the drama is to tell the audience this in silence. pressure.
3. Excellent acting. The previous bland and restrained acting skills were mainly to follow historical facts, and there was indeed not much room for development. The infighting between Cochran and Shapiro, Martha and Darden in the elevator, and Darden's sudden runaway during the trial, Shapiro was proud of himself. Leading to the embarrassment of accepting the deputy position, to the villain who was successful after trying the gloves, and even the contradiction when Kardashian decided to cut off his best friend relationship in the end, the characters with distinct personalities all reflect the actors' in-depth research on historical figures.
4. The focus is on people, not things. If the focus was all on Simpson, or the case itself was investigating the trial process, the story would have been attractive and better to film, but the crew chose the most difficult angle to show the lives of many others involved. How to describe the case, what are the lawyers doing when they get out of their stressful jobs? What is the attitude of the people caught in it when they get too much media attention? When the case is no longer an ordinary case, but is dragged into racial discrimination, how has the attitude of the jury and the public changed? This is one of the key points of the movie. Of course, the case still needs to be discussed, but there is no reason for the murder, a small amount of investigation process, and an incomplete case that does not reveal the ending of the "true murderer", which may make those who want to watch criminal investigation type and court type disappointed.
5. I understand the meaning and meaning of the episode. At this point in time, such a drama is brought out to uncover the big scars that have plagued the United States for hundreds of years. One is to remind Americans of the tragic history of the United States, hoping to put an end to racial discrimination and avoid riots, and the other is to call for attention to the status of domestic violence in the law and the protection of women. Last year, there were several incidents of police brutally killing black people one after another. The signs of racial discrimination are intensifying. The discriminatory remarks of the NBA Clippers owner have also stirred up a wave. The Oscar is jokingly called the White Award. In the expansion, such a meaningful story can really remind Americans. Cochran has always been fighting to protect the interests of black people in the play, but Shapiro's prediction has come true, and it all seems to go back to yesterday. , I hope not to be more wrong.
In addition, the "Blade Warrior" Pistorius case is considered a second-generation Simpson case, and the history of the century trial seems to repeat itself, but this time the result is different, and the Blade Warrior has pleaded guilty. How similar the history is, and how different the history is, the Blade Warrior case is so poor that there is no racial discrimination. Just imagine, if Simpson was sentenced to lose the case at that time, who would guarantee that the riots in Los Angeles that just happened would not happen again? Would the jury be so smooth to make a one-sided judgment if the investigating officer wasn't a racist? Just imagine if Simpson had put on the gloves that belonged to him on live TV, if the prosecution had not been so complacent about the evidence, if... maybe a lot of coincidences contributed to this bizarre verdict, but the evidence was solid. There are very few stories of turning the tide of the war because the defense lawyers will incite the jury and the public, and this case will become the most significant case in the modern legal history of the United States. As Gill said, "my epitaph will say 'it was him'. Let go of OJ Simpson'". In this context, this is not so much a trial for Simpson as it is a trial for lawyers, the law and American society. And this trial just happened to limit the damage to a minimum. I suddenly thought of the tears of the families of the victims of the Simpson case when they heard the result, and the prosecution lawyer's brooding over the lack of justice. Maybe justice can only be left to history. Judgment, and the law is only responsible for safeguarding national interests.

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