A fresh individual in front of a grand theme

Cathy 2022-12-23 02:23:29

It's been a long time since I saw such a magical drama that I can't stop! The actors performed fiercely, presenting vivid images one by one in front of the screen. Towards the end of the last episode, there was a comparison between the actor's image and the real character's image, and the similarity made me give a thumbs up to the director's full sincerity. There has been a lot of discussion about the procedural justice of the Simpson case, but the show is not just talking about the right and wrong, right and wrong of the case itself, but more about portraying the people involved in the case throughout the trial process. Love, hate, and hatred, and illustrate the racial issues by depicting the joys, anger, and sorrow of these individuals. How do shit sticks influence public opinion, how media public opinion consumes the case itself, and what kind of collision exists between political correctness and judicial justice, etc. The director's perspective is very cold and comprehensive, there is no deliberate sensationalism, no obvious refutation, but calmly uses the camera to tell you, there is something seriously not right in the public media, in the police department, in the law system and in the society. Quasi-five-star praise!

PS: Sister Sarah has once again proved her acting skills and has become the goddess in my mind. It is really a grievance to put her in the United States and fear.

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Extended Reading
  • Connie 2022-04-25 06:01:01

    The third episode is actually much more interesting than the first two episodes, but I still decided to abandon the show. Although based on real events, the various characters still seem so hypocritical and narcissistic, which is disgusting. And little Cuba Gooding is too different from OJ Simpson in every dimension.