find justice

Abbie 2022-12-23 19:22:25

The first five episodes made people a little sleepy, but 5 episodes started his inner strength, the screenwriter showed his skills, aside from race and belief, today we will talk about justice. Everyone is under the sun to review, no one is completely seeking justice, except for Martha, Cochran, a famous black lawyer, who has done everything possible just to win. At this moment, there are no racial issues of blacks and whites, only Humanity, no one cares about justice for victims, this is an accountability to the entire American society, what happened to our justice system? What happened to our media? What happened to our people? As a cultural practitioner, I admire these creators from the bottom of my heart. I wrote this script with a huge sense of responsibility to the society. Each character does not make preconceived predictions, but just appears in front of the audience and waits for your own. Judgment, Cochran, who won the case in episode 10, saw the Justice Department's accountability to the LAPD in tears and said I won, the black prosecutor said it was payback, but we still get beaten at any time, that can't change, Martha Said I thought I was avenging the victim, our jury also thought the same, but I was wrong, the most touching is that the starring at the end is compared with the real people, there is a kind of fantasy feeling, and finally seeing Simpson in prison, I think of Gao Xiaosong Bottom line: justice is late, but not absent.

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