I'm poor and I'm right

Elmira 2022-10-06 17:40:36

The famous case was finished in a hurry yesterday.

Martha, who is serious and responsible in her work, has few failures, and is full of confidence. She thinks that she will win. She turns a deaf ear to the advice of her colleagues and turns a blind eye to the choice of the jury. In the end it should be the pig teammate on the same front - the police gave her the fatal blow.

She thought that she would still be the same as before, put down the child and work hard to win the lawsuit. She didn't know that she was actually fighting alone. The police department's work was not serious, the procedures were illegal, and human feelings came first. After listening to the lawyer's rhetoric, let go After leaving oj, we performed an absurd road walk. Without taking good care of the physical evidence (gloves, you must know that the gloves will shrink if they are stained with blood) and the policeman who has been in contact with the physical evidence is still a racist. All of this pushed Martha into a losing position.

But this is not the root cause, the root cause is that I am poor and I am reasonable.

A self-made black star has pinned the hopes of the entire vulnerable group. He can't make mistakes. He can only be framed. Tens of millions of people watch the imprisoned star in distress and have the best explanation for their frustrated life. : Social injustice, suppressing the weak. So he is innocent and we are innocent.

This kind of thing happens all the time, and we are in it without knowing it.

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