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Lizzie 2022-09-06 16:14:59

I've been looking forward to seeing the ending when the subtitles suggest that the Simpson murderer has been found (like the Silver case, by DNA comparison), so I chased the show very quickly, about three days. But after watching the ending, I didn't have the subtitles I expected, and I was a little anxious. Because I always thought Simpson was a guilty, but after reading a long article on Weibo, I thought the case had been solved and the real culprit had been found (the long Weibo seemed to say his son Jason), so I kept looking forward to it. Finally, I slapped the prosecutor in the face, and expressed sympathy for Simpson's final downturn, as if I were one of the media abusers. I thought that if there was a donation, I would donate $100 to him to compensate him for the unfair treatment he received for so many years.

But... in the end, it didn't end as I expected. I was a little panicked. I quickly searched the Internet. Baidu couldn't find any reports that the case had been solved. Unbelievable, I continue to dig. Finally found the news that the suspected murderer is Jason is just a private detective's own reasoning, although it is reasonable, but after all, there is not enough evidence, so I am confused... Is Simpson guilty or not guilty.

It's really an O'Henry reversal, and then reversal. I went from believing in Guilty to believing in not guilty. After watching the film, I really can't tell whether it is Guilty or not guilty. However, when he answered the phone, I thought he would ask How...? After hearing the news of his death on the phone, he didn't ask, and I was also a big question mark in my heart. Little Cuba's acting skills, hoarse voice, and sometimes crazy His character is unpredictable; especially at the end, his good friend Bobby also slowly reverses, which is also a little uneasy.

The characters in the sentence are quite successful, but too many details of the prosecutor's family and life are portrayed, which makes people feel that the rhythm is slow. I thought I could finish it in two or three episodes, but I didn't expect ten episodes... By the time of "good wife", it's all done in one episode.

Dream lawyer team, each lawyer is excellent and has contributed. Although lawyers and Inspector are not as magical as Good Wife, they are more credible and make people believe that this is the reality, not such an exaggerated drama. .

The eloquence and passion of the black lawyers have been shown very wonderfully; the Harvard lawyer who is professional is full of heart, without panic; the lawyer who is sly and slippery plays warm-up, and also calculates the person who punishes him; John's chief lawyer He was later replaced, but he contributed greatly. He always thought that dealing with the prosecutor was also a businessman's nature. In contrast, the two prosecutors' lawyers seemed inexperienced and lacking in ability. Especially the black lawyers would only make people suspect that he was an undercover agent or a pig. The same teammates...

Other characters are also portrayed quite successfully. For example, Judge Ito is a little cowardly, the jury is restless, etc. I really see that this is a well-crafted TV series, especially when I catch up with such a drama. I am very interested 's theme.

The last sentence is still a little procrastinated. If it is about 3~5 episodes long, it will be perfect.

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