I think Simpson is guilty

Beulah 2022-12-19 12:36:02

This kind of case is definitely considered an iron case in China, but it was acquitted in the United States. The detective may have manipulated the evidence, but the basic facts are still clear, and the defense did not explain Simpson's blood on the car and the wound on Simpson's hand from beginning to end. If I were a jury member, it would be impossible for me to vote "Not Guilty". Of course, I have no confidence to convince other jury members. After all, the prosecution has made too many mistakes. So a more reasonable outcome is hung jury (the jury can't reach a consensus), and then try it all over again.

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Extended Reading
  • Rubye 2022-04-25 06:01:01

    The first episode was not bad. An unsolved case that has been narrated countless times, re-imagined. Very honest and mainstream storytelling. It is worth continuing to observe.

  • Connie 2022-04-25 06:01:01

    The third episode is actually much more interesting than the first two episodes, but I still decided to abandon the show. Although based on real events, the various characters still seem so hypocritical and narcissistic, which is disgusting. And little Cuba Gooding is too different from OJ Simpson in every dimension.