"One Piece" My Youth

Cleve 2022-11-12 17:48:10

Spring to winter! This is my first time writing a movie review so seriously. The first time I watched One Piece was when I was a freshman in high school. When I first watched One Piece, I not only thought that there was an anime that I could chat with my friends, but I remembered it was fun at the beginning. I remember that I only watched more than 40 episodes during that time. The mood to watch. Then, in the second year of high school, I happened to see my friend watching One Piece. He said it was very interesting and strongly recommended me to watch it. Under his influence, I started chasing dramas like crazy. Rather than being influenced by him, I started to escape from the anguish and misery brought by my high school life. repressed. Not to mention high school was the darkest and most confusing time of my life. In the past, I could watch dozens of episodes in one day at most. In the beginning, it was because of Luffy's carefree and sunny attitude because it was a state that I never had in high school. Then see Luffy because of his passion and persistence in one thing, what he promised himself will do in his own way. will not change. I remember Guan Xi once said don't try to change yourself to cater to others, and don't change yourself because of others pointing at you because it's really important to be your true self. If everyone understands you, then you have to be ordinary, because in reality this state cannot be achieved. Only put this kind of mood in the anime, and Luffy really does this! One Piece is destined to have a place in my life.

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  • Theron 2022-04-25 06:01:01

    I have been chasing the animation since I was a child. After the age of blood, I still enjoy it. It is probably a story about dreams that attracts people. Luffy Zoro and the others have grown up with us, and Conan next door is still in first grade. Ace cried in the bedroom when he died, but Sabo is back. I like Zoro and Luo, but Luffy doesn't dare to love him. I feel that he is a pure and kind child, and then relying on these two points, how many people sacrificed for him.

  • Orland 2022-04-25 06:01:01

    Pray for dreams and freedom

One Piece quotes

  • Monkey D. Luffy: [about Nami possibly being trapped on a forbidden island] Look at it this way: if he really is omnipotent he'd know he'd go rescue her. So, if he didn't want us to go he'd send her back, which mean he really *does* want us to go!

  • [repeated line]

    Sanji: That's no way to treat a lady!