Never underestimate the dreams of others

Kiana 2022-09-04 14:53:48

"I want to be the pirate king!"
"I want to be the world's No. 1 great swordsman!"
"The most accurate chart in the world, I will draw it!"
"ALL BLUE, I will definitely find it!"
"I want to be brave The sea warrior!"
"I want to become the real panacea, the greatest doctor!"
"The text of history, I will definitely find it!"
"The best ship in the world, I will make it come true!"
"One Piece" told We, people, are great because of our dreams, strong because of our friendship, and worthy of respect because of our beliefs. It's a manga with a soul, it's a manga that moved me to tears, and it's a manga that's truly epic. Here, I found myself. Believe, you can find it too.
Never underestimate the dreams of others!

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One Piece quotes

  • Monkey D. Luffy: Soon I'll be King of the Pirates!

    Roronoa Zolo: I'll be the greatest swordsman in the world!

    Monkey D. Luffy: Come on, everyone join!

    Sanji: I'll find the Great Blue!

    Usopp: I'll be brave!

    Nami: And, I'll have mapped out the entire world!

  • Roronoa Zoro: [about Firefist Ace] Luffy, did you know that guy? Is he a friend of yours?

    Roronoa Zoro: No, well yeah, sort of.

    Monkey D Luffy: [laughs]

    Roronoa Zoro: He's my big brother!