freedom and dreams

Ruben 2022-12-05 00:32:43

Looking at the second year of One Piece, I always thought that this was a story about friendship. After all, I watched the Japanese manga emmm before, how good it is to write about friendship these days. But after seeing it, I feel that this is a story about freedom and dreams.

Because of their dreams, the Straw Hat Pirates came together. Although their dreams were different, Luffy wanted to be the pirate king, Zoro wanted to be the greatest swordsman, and Usopp wanted to be a brave sea warrior...but they Drag each other, they are like a ladder between each other, helping each other to the peak. Because their dreams are so pure.

But dreams are everywhere. What about freedom? This sea is the world of freedom, because they yearn for freedom, so they yearn for this vast sea. Only this boundless sea can give them a place to soar for the soul of freedom that has nowhere to go.

The first time I watched One Piece was when I was in the second grade of elementary school. The teacher played the first episode of One Piece for us at that time. When we were young, we laughed heartlessly in the classroom, and then gradually grew up, realized the pain of growing up, and suddenly started to look at One Piece again. I was the same age as Luffy in the show, I grew up with Luffy. It would be fun to be with someone like Luffy.

Thank you One Piece for growing up with me, thank you for letting me know how important freedom and dreams are.

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