Written at the end of Junior Luffy's adventure

Alan 2022-10-07 21:35:02

Luffy's infectious

power After reading the animation and comics of "One Piece" in one breath.

The adventure of young Luffy is finally over, and his friends start training for Luffy's dream.

Zoro's dream is no longer to be the greatest swordsman, Sanji's dream is no longer blue all, Nami's dream is no longer to draw a world nautical map... Everyone's dream is to make this man Become a real "One Piece".

This episode moved me very much.

I still remember that Zoro once said at the beginning that the so-called team is people who gather together for their own dreams. We are united but work hard for ourselves. Everyone boarded the same boat because they were looking for their own dreams, and fought bloody battles together for their own dreams. One day, everyone will say goodbye in a certain place, and go to take another boat and take a different road for their own dreams.

I agree with this sentence, and also agree with this team spirit.

By episode 595, when Zoro knelt in front of Hawkeye to ask for advice, everyone's dreams were not their own dreams, and they were no longer their dreams of riding this ship. Everyone's dreams were not for themselves.

The height of this turning point makes me admire the heroes of WT. What kind of ideological height and soul depth can the story be raised to this level.

The most powerful thing that "Luffy" has is not a rubber gun, not domineering, but infectious power. It spreads to the whole body of everyone around him like a virus, so that everyone can take his ideal and his persistence as their responsibility without any regrets. . If a person has such charisma, what else does he need?

So I saw that the crew of the Sunny had a common dream. This dream kept everyone from falling behind, because this spirit made nine people into one person; I saw Jinbei's courage to protect him with all his might; I saw the swing The final blow of the uncertain Crockdale; seeing the courage of old man Rayleigh to come out, seeing so many people who are stronger and brighter than him stand by his side and become his friends.

This is Luffy's infectious power.

And the ultimate team should be such that all participants share the same ideal and strive for it.

Bucky the Clown
I really didn't expect Bucky the Clown to be a character. From Luffy's intrusion into the prison to the failure to rescue Ace, Bucky's portrayal is very spicy.

WT God is very humorous. The most humorous thing is that he set this character as a "clown". Bucky met Luffy in prison and started his fantasy journey. In the end, he became the idol of the prisoners and the symbol of the pirates. Sex figure, I have to say, he's lucky. But from another aspect, it also nakedly exposed the people's "blind obedience" mentality. Bucky is timid and selfish, but his ability to fool people is also very high, with strange behaviors and prisoners. In their naive fantasies, Bucky was portrayed as a pirate hero comparable to Whitebeard.

When I saw that Bucky led the prisoners to start a new adventure at the end, I couldn't help but sigh, such a person can also become, cow B!

But in real life, people like Bucky the Clown are everywhere, flickering and drooling in the social fog where we can't distinguish right from wrong. Most people are fascinated and worshipped like gods. Isn't the most vivid example "Taoist Li Yi" the most appropriate clown? If such a clown is not enough, it is not an exaggeration to use the bigger zf as a metaphor. Bucky is a politician, a politician in One Piece. He is also a politician in the heart of WT God.

Sabo's sea
Ace's death caused Luffy's spirit to collapse instantly. When he returned to his daughter's country, he had a long memory of Luffy, Ace and Sabo playing together when Luffy was a child. Sabo was the first friend to go to sea. He said he didn't want to be a nobleman, he wanted to find freedom.

Ace went to sea to prove the value of his life; Luffy went to sea to be the pirate king; Sabo went to sea for freedom.

My reasons for liking Sabo are more pure than Ace and Luffy.

Even in the society I live in today, I can definitely say that I have to do the same job as a pirate, just for freedom.

It's a beautiful word.

You can think freely and build your own life according to your own ideas, even if it is ugly and shabby? That is my mark, the only different me.

This is what I want and think as a mortal.

The Sea of ​​Sabo, the sailing journey of free will...

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