The Diary of the Diary of the Golden Meridian

Hunter 2022-12-07 08:19:51

On June 8, 2007, around 22:20 in the evening, when I saw the Meri out of my sight in a heat, and disappeared into the turbulent sea of ​​infinite darkness and sadness, everyone remembers the adventure that accompanied it. , In the happy years, Mei Li said sorry, I want to take you farther, I want to be with you forever... At this time, I was crying bitterly with tears all over my face. From From 2004 to the present, the Merry and the pirates have accompanied me through many beautiful days. My life has also had a new definition of friendship, partners, and ideals. The impulsiveness and enthusiasm have not diminished in the slightest, but he has put on a heavier mask in his daily life.
"I want to sail, I want to sail again", Mei Li, who has been judged as a hulk by the boatmen, was before the tsunami. Said to the boatman with his thoughts, and then he was caught in the huge waves. At the most dangerous moment when Lu Fei was surrounded and suppressed by the navy, Mei Li miraculously came "Go home everyone! Go back to the sea of ​​adventure, and I will pick you up." ", my friends returned to Mei Li's arms with happy tears in their eyes, so at the end, Mei Li said, "But I am very happy, thank you for cherishing me so far, I am really very happy, because with you When I downloaded this movie together
, I just said that this is the animation with the highest download rate other than Hokage. At the beginning I just said it down and watch it, and then I looked at my boyfriend while watching it and smirked like a child. He and I continue to download the following ones. At that time, life was very comfortable. Although it was not as rich as it is now, onepiece is integrated into our life. It is hard to imagine my boyfriend, a burly and rough man, using a doll for my kitten. Call it Joe, and imitate Lu Fei all day long and sing "Island in the South---it's so hot..." Now thinking about it, I was happy at that time, because he was very loving, and I still like it. I can remember the way he pressed my face into Joe Bar and smiled at me. At that time, this big boy was my deep love, and I loved him dearly!
As the journey of the great voyage becomes more and more complicated, we also live in different places, no one can help him with the onepiece, I am still insisting on my adventure, I will always have my dream on the sea, he is grown Pressure, the responsibility of a man has replaced everything. He said that there seems to be nothing to be happy about now, which made me cry for a while. Although I am a teacher now, I have never understood the definition of growth, and I have always had a deep desire for love and innocence. Maybe even the students I love will despise me and say things like this to deceive you women and children. he did't see me cry ! why you so cold my baby!
One cannot cross the same river twice Yes, I am amazed that I am preparing for my 3rd year as I was ten years ago, and how different I am from twenty years ago in Girls' Generation ten years ago, it's just the good memories filtered down after more sadness. I haven't seen it before. I'm more real than me. I guess in the future, even when I was young, I would be even more old and childish. After Mei Li passed away in the fire, I seemed to have lost the sadness of my best friend when I was a child. I burst into tears. Fall on the bed! The tears of the Cancer woman are

raging and passionate like a tide, and let it flow freely, because no one sees or hears. I love you, every sentence is true! In the midst of thorns, if the heart does not move, people do not move rashly, and if they do not move, they will not hurt.” Come to warn yourself, you have no desires and no desires, you can be liberated, but the most profound experience is that “if the heart is moved, people move recklessly, hurting their body hurts them. I feel all kinds of pain in the world." We were born in this rolling world, how can we sit and transform like Bodhi, after sorrow and joy, when the injury is about to die, I want to say that I am very happy. Mei Li, just like you now Goodbye, goodbye, friends, goodbye...

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