There are signs of unfinished endings after the New World Chapter, Oda God, you have to pay more attention.

Ladarius 2022-11-13 05:52:19

I have been watching Pirates for about ten years. When Cantonese-language ATV first aired, I was waiting in front of the TV every day for One Piece to start broadcasting. It's a pity that ATV broadcasted about defeating the fishman Aaron and then he was the eunuch. Until a certain year, the rebroadcast of Xingkong Channel rekindled the passion I once had. Later, the progress of catching up with animation had to be transferred to the comic party. Live the day you give yourself spoilers. You are leisurely, enjoying the bloody dream that One Piece brought me. Until the eve of the new world chapter, the two-year agreement to return was the last bloody scene of the pirates that I personally considered. Arrived at Fishman Island. I'm disappointed, the plot of the children's play, the procrastination of the dialogue, and the unparalleled fighting scenes are full of every corner of the Fishman Island. I thought the long and smelly Sky Island chapter was bad enough. I didn't expect a worse fishman island chapter to come. Think about the original Alabasta, the Water City, the Judiciary Island, the Bubble Islands, the Prison and the Navy Headquarters, which are all passionate and moving. . Four stars to One Piece, who once brought me countless blood and emotions.

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One Piece quotes

  • Monkey D. Luffy: [about Nami possibly being trapped on a forbidden island] Look at it this way: if he really is omnipotent he'd know he'd go rescue her. So, if he didn't want us to go he'd send her back, which mean he really *does* want us to go!

  • [repeated line]

    Sanji: That's no way to treat a lady!