Best Friendship Von Klei (Xiao Feng)

Benjamin 2022-12-25 05:01:01

Xiao Feng is the most impressive character I have ever seen since watching One Piece. Xiao Feng's friendship with friends is really great. Who doesn't want to have a friend like Xiao Feng? In the advance of the city, Xiao Feng sacrificed himself to open the door of justice for Luffy and the others. I was really moved (crying) that Xiao Feng is really a friend worth making, and the cute and loyal villain is responsible for it!

Whether it is the way of a man who deviates, or the way of a woman who deviates, no matter what the duty is, it is humane. Goodbye, my friends, we are all struggling under this clear sky, let the way of the demon be bright!

"The parting of the shemale does not need words"

Best Xiaofeng Best Friendship

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