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The earliest contact with "One Piece" was in elementary school, around 2009. At that time, I didn’t have a computer or smartphone at home, so I couldn’t imagine reading manga and anime online. I just bought a book of "One Piece" comics every week from the bookstore next to the school. The bookstore is called "Qiushi", but I didn't get the "Yes" of "One Piece". The comics are Japanese-style page-turning (left-open pages), the order of the comics is from right to left, black and white, and a copy is about 20 yuan. The number of words I bought was intermittent, and occasionally several books were linked together, so I could read a rough outline, so that I never saw the whole picture of the work. When I was young, I often argued with my classmates, which translation name is good for the character: "Sanji"? "Sanji"? "Sauron"? "Zorro"? "Luffy"? "Ruff"? Which character is the coolest, which Devil Fruit is the strongest, which female character is the most beautiful... Superficial observation, I compare each character based on this, and come up with the "best" in my heart, and this is exactly Only got the biggest error. At the same time, I have never quite understood the plot of "One Piece". Because whenever a fierce battle is about to happen, and a major event is brewing, the story will take a time machine, go back to the past, and slowly tell a person related to it, and tell his sweet and sour past for a long time. Talk about his ill-fated fate. The soundtrack is either slow or gloomy, like a stream of melting spring water, cold and clear, slowly mellowing in the burning heart looking forward to fighting, the fire is irreversibly extinguished, the passion is tightly strangled by the throat, I was impatient. At one point I skipped the flashback and went straight to the battle scene. When I got the cool feeling, I lost the chance to get close to the soul of the work. Later, I don't know when, I stopped buying comics. Fresh online games and anime took away the impatient me from the slow pace of "One Piece". Since then, "One Piece" has been sealed in my world as a "play into the pit". Until now, during the winter vacation of my freshman year, after about six years, I have resumed this work. The richer experience, the more mature thoughts and the more vivid emotions than before have brought me into the "Peach Garden" that I have never set foot on. I just want to say that, thankfully, he hasn't been erased from my memory. Otherwise, I will always hold a regret that I did not realize. "The characters in each work are an independent 'person'. Even the creators are only their modelers, and cannot determine their souls." Now, when I look at any work, I will use this sentence repeatedly Remind yourself that when appreciating a character, don't substitute too much subjective color, and respect every "person" as much as possible. Because he is him, he is not you. Hate a character, like a character, and which character is the best are all subjectively determined by us. But none of the characters will change due to any evaluation. What we should do is to find the way to its soul and figure out its spiritual core. It is this kind of thinking that made me realize after returning to "One Piece". In the past, I went to see Luffy with a subjective perception, saving others by myself, and felt that he was reckless, reckless, and a fool. But now, when I look back on Luffy's experience, I suddenly realize that he is not stupid, but I realize that the stupid person is me. Take Sanji being forced to go home and Luffy breaking into the BIG MOM base camp. In order to find Sanji, Luffy broke into the territory of the Four Emperors. Sanji, who was found with great difficulty, attacked him, insulted him, and drove him away, but he still firmly said, "No matter how you hit me, it is you who hurt! I will wait for you here, you don't If I come back, I'll starve to death here!" How much trust in your partner can you be sure of. He believed that what Sanji said was a lie, and believed that no matter what difficulties he encountered, the bonds between his partners could not be severed. When he knew Brin's true face, even though he was in prison, he was still worried about Sanji's death, and even wanted to break out of the cage at the expense of twisting his arms (his hands were nailed to the wall, and his body could move freely). "It's better to cut off these hands than to die here." The sincerity is clearly visible. Facing BIG MOM's general star Katakuri, Luffy firmly believes that he will win. In the protracted battle, he penetrated the secrets of Katakuri, made the enemy appreciate with his persistence and wisdom, and finally saw the future with his knowledge, shattered the desperate situation, and covered his mouth for Katakuri before leaving (Katakuri. I don't want to show my flaws). His outstanding fighting talent and unique fighting wisdom can be seen, but he is not arrogant when he wins, and gives the greatest respect to his opponents. Sincerity, trust, cherishing, self-confidence, respect, wisdom, and fearlessness are all like stars shining in Luffy's soul. There are two other points that deeply impressed me, one is Luffy's persistent and fearless pursuit of his dreams, and the other is his "big heart". Speaking of dreams, as we all know, Luffy is the man who wants to become the Pirate King. He often shouted "One Piece, I'm set". Anyone who wants to spy on the throne of "One Piece", or who wants to stop him, Luffy will be determined to beat them, whether it is Qibukai, the Navy, or the Four Emperors. On the way to explore his dreams, he never gave in and was fearless. Not only him, but also his friends, everyone has a great dream that is not understood or recognized, Sanji wants to find "ALL BLUE", Zoro wants to become the world's greatest swordsman, Nami wants to draw A complete world chart, Robin wants to find the truth of 200 years of blank history, Chopper wants to develop a "panacea" that can cure any disease, and Franky wants to build a ship that can reach the end of the great route. Usopp wants to overcome his timid self and become a brave sea warrior, Brook wants to go around the world and return to the Red Land to reunite with Rabu, and Jinping wants to realize the vision of the peaceful coexistence of murlocs and humans. Every dream seems out of reach, so they get together and their ship is the "dream ship". I also fantasized about the Empress, Luo and others, it would be great if they could join the Straw Hat Pirates, but now it seems to be wishful thinking, because it is impossible. And Luffy's "big heart" is reflected in his ability to withstand any blow, as well as his ability to adapt and make choices. I had mistakenly thought that Luffy's "big heart" was the courage to put nothing to heart and keep moving forward. But this is not the case, Luffy is not a fool, he is just too fearless and looks like a dazed green. He actually understands everything. "Advance City" encountered Blackbeard's provocation, and he restrained his impulse. Rayleigh persuaded him to reunite with his buddies in two years, and he knew the meaning. Hancock and Jinbei helped many times, and he knew how grateful he was. Ayu from Wano country cried to him about Ace's death, complaining that he didn't understand anything. He was obviously the most painful person, but he didn't say it, because he didn't want to block Ayu's emotional outlet, and didn't want Ayu's sadness to change. Painful remorse. He knows everything. It's just that when he faced the enemy, he chose the simplest solution - knocking the opponent away. This is the key to the "big heart". Luffy rarely outsmarts, rarely cooperates with various plans, but he always chooses the simple and direct solution that suits him best. Because I only noticed the "easiest" and ignored the "most suitable" before, I misunderstood Luffy's "big heart". The real "big heart" is not simply "taking nothing to heart", but "taking everything to heart". On the basis of being able to bear anything, find the most suitable method for you, So as to solve various problems. The most suitable method for Luffy is the most simple and direct. But the best way for us is for us to find out for ourselves. For so many years, although "One Piece" has been sealed in my memory, Luffy's personality charm has long been invisible, infecting me, who was full of blood and fantasy when I was young, and has always affected me. Until now, still in the future.

(Approach first, then interpret, and then associate. I think this is probably a more reasonable way to appreciate a character.)

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