A belated evaluation of an iron fan of One Piece

Kareem 2022-10-09 17:53:49

I only entered the house in the last two years. I haven't watched any anime before. First, I completed more than a thousand episodes of Conan and all the theatrical versions. After that, I felt a little empty and wanted to make up for other things, so I thought of Naruto One Piece. Let's not talk about the other two, just talk about my feelings about One Piece.

When I first started watching it on iQIYI, I watched the first few hundred episodes without any spoilers because I was not used to opening the barrage when I first entered the house. I am very lucky now. Here is how I feel.

1. Unique style. I have never thought One Piece's style of painting is strange, on the contrary, I still think the style of painting is strange and cute, and I like it very much. The drawing method of the man's body muscles and the woman's chest in it, I also feel quite comfortable with it. It didn't make me feel shy, but made me feel that they are very forthright and have the free and easy feeling of Jianghu's sons and daughters.

Later, on other platforms, I saw other people complain that One Piece's painting style is strange or even ugly. If one or two said so, I couldn't understand it. It turns out that others think One Piece's painting style is ugly? I really like it!

And the unique style of painting has another advantage, it is not easy to collide with other anime. If you take out a character, you can see who it is, and it is recognizable. It is not like some anime with no special style. If you take out a character, I can think of several people who look like him. So, I think One Piece's style of painting is pretty good.

2. The plot is meticulous and logical. At that time, I really had a short time to enter the pit. I felt that the plot of One Piece was very powerful, and the logic of the story was also very good. Until I entered the pit for a long time, I looked at the recent new shows, and went to station B to watch the fan dramas they blew up. Although there are some dramas that I really think others have the strength to blow like this, but there are many of them. Not worth their hype.

After watching a lot of fan dramas, I went back and replayed One Piece and found a lot of surprises, which made me want to sigh, is this very powerful? This is pretty awesome! I used to be so naive, I was just chewing peony! The grass snake, gray line, and the pulse for thousands of miles have been said to be rotten, and it really deserves to be the One Piece! ! !

This is what people really want to tell a good story instead of just selling people and setting up fans! In this impetuous animation era, no matter what tricks other cartoonists think, Oda-sensei has not changed his original intention to focus on storytelling, which is really rare.

3. The characters are deeply portrayed. With so many characters, so many complicated plots (it's not complicated when you understand them), and such a long anime series, nearly a thousand episodes, I can feel Mr. Oda's progress (and Toei's regression). Under normal circumstances, the serialization for such a long time will soon make the audience tired, and the new characters can easily overlap with the previous ones, resulting in confusion and confusion. But Mr. Oda relies on his own whimsy, careful plot, and vivid character depiction, so that we can always find freshness and excitement.

There are so many characters, for example: there are chivalrous men who implement benevolence and righteousness, and there are despicable and shameless villains; there are pirates who do good deeds and think they are evil, and there are navy who pretend to be righteous; There are people who are controversial, and there are people who are wretched and evil, but who have done their duty faithfully and have done impressive things. As far as I mentioned, how many characters can you think of?

There are few tool people in the whole article, and the audience can remember the names of most of the supporting characters. It can only be said that this portrayal is too deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Looking at these animations now, the characters are really good, but the plot is really not that good. From time to time, a tool person appears to deliver medicine, equipment, money for nothing, and it really feels like putting the cart before the horse.

4. Shocked, surprised, moved. When I first watched it, I thought it was a way to solve an event at each location and collect a partner, similar to the feeling of a unit drama, and then finally found the big secret treasure one piece mentioned at the beginning. It turned out that I was still too young too simple. When I looked at it, I felt that it was not like that. I thought so until the Judiciary Island chapter, but what happened? what happened? ? ? Aren't you collecting partners to find secret treasures? Why are you fighting against the world government!

It really gave me a lot of fright, and the war on the Chambord Islands, I really, admire, admire! After that, there were many, many things that shocked me, Punk Hazadressrosa, etc., which made One Piece's status in my heart rise again and again!

There are also some details, things from hundreds of episodes ago, and they continue to show us after hundreds of episodes. It makes me feel like this is a real world. Those little people are also struggling in their own lives. You can feel the time It is fluid. When the protagonist is struggling and working hard, others are not stagnant, they are also advancing in their own way, which is really surprising and happy.

Not only did Mr. Oda write the plot well, but he also did a good job of rendering the atmosphere and portraying emotions. I really usually don't cry when I see some touching scenes. When I see others cry, I feel that I am really emotionless and cold-blooded. But watching One Piece, I really cried in many places. For example, when Chopper saw the cherry blossoms in the sky, rescued Robin, and said goodbye to Meili, he really cried and was moved by their actions. It feels like they are also my partners, taking adventures together, saying goodbye together, and growing up together.

5. Anime episodes are long enough and manga episodes are long enough. I have always considered this to be an advantage. As of this writing, there are 979 episodes of the manga and 929 episodes of the anime. This is a treasure! Watching other anime, I feel that this is too few, why not add a few more episodes, watching this anime, so many episodes can get a lot of satisfaction! Don't worry if it's not enough! (Of course, I still don’t think it’s enough to watch anime and manga like me.)

But it seems that many people feel that this is a shortcoming, and they dislike it for being too long to read. I can only say that if you don't read it, don't watch it, and I can't force you to watch it. But I still want to whisper a word, the current anime fans are really impetuous, they would rather watch those low-interest and mentally retarded animations in other worlds, and get satisfaction and superiority by laughing at these rubbish, rather than watching this kind of animation. High-quality boutique, know what you missed? I really can't understand what these people are thinking.

Don't even look at it. What's even more irritating is that as soon as a new juvenile manga comes out, we will pull our One Piece out to compare. It’s okay to compare, normal and objective evaluation, and peaceful and friendly pointing out the advantages and disadvantages. The most annoying thing is that there are always some brains that are not easy to use. The masterpiece in their minds, that look of superiority and superiority, ahhh! What a joke! Go home and show!

Finally, if anyone wants to start watching One Piece now, it is recommended to swipe away from the barrage. If someone can patiently see this, it would be really grateful!

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