Japanese people are not as bad as you think!

Laila 2022-10-25 13:25:09

Whether it hurts or hurts, the red blood flowing, relying on the narrow and slender pipes that are not even roads, resolves the prejudice of mutual hostility, washes the blood with blood, and the battle ends simply like this. . This is the road to the "sun" that is more clearly visible than those overhead fantasies.
---------- "One Piece" episode 568
When Jinping and Luffy lie side by side, when the infusion tube connects the human and the murloc pirates, when the murlocs finally admit their prejudice, when the road Fei slowly opened his eyes, didn't you wet your eyes because the long-standing hatred between the two races was finally resolved?
In the magnificent overhead world of "One Piece", there are too many good things worth talking about, and the time of the end of the war on Fishman Island is so coincident that people can't help but say it.

In fact, when I was young, I also watched a lot of films about the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression. The Japanese in the films were all called Japanese devils. They spoke yin-yang Chinese, raped and looted, murdered and set fire, and in the end they were always played around by the Eighth Route Army with their tails tucked. Running away, they can be evil spirits, they can be under water dogs, they never seem to be human. They don't have anyone's pain, no one's thoughts, and no one's feelings, so when they do evil, they can do their best to be so tidy and even not deserting!
I don't know if I hadn't watched so many Japanese anime later on, if my view of Japanese people would have always been the same as my mother. My mother still uses "Japanese" as a synonym for evil, telling them all their evil deeds vividly, even though she has never seen them. Yes, although she has never met a Japanese person, and although the Japanese have never done anything to her, she always feels that she understands Japan, and she can speak two Japanese words, one is Missi Missi, and the other is tearing. tear.
So I think I have to thank the D version dealers, even though the books from the distant publishing houses are always full of blank pages, typos, unclear printing, a lot of whitening, and crooked revisions of pens, and they are expensive to sell, but they not only make I'm no stranger to traditional Chinese characters (I recently learned that my peers have trouble reading even simple pen copybooks), and it also taught me that Japanese people are human too. Just like us, red blood will flow out when you poke a knife, you will feel pain if you are injured, you will feel cold in winter, you will feel tired if you don’t sleep, you will feel hungry if you don’t eat, they are also afraid of death, and they are also They will die, and when they die, there will be people sad and angry. I can't help but wonder, are the Japanese who were sent to the battlefield, are they really all that bellicose? Are they all so cruel? Will there be one or two who have to fight out of frustration? Will there be one or two who close their eyes when they raise their guns and don't look away when they see blood? Will one or two regret the blood on their hands? Will there be one or two, weeping for the dead? There must be, right, if it is a human, there must be. In war, soldiers are just tools, and it is not the individual Japanese who do evil, but war! Therefore, what should be remembered is not the hatred between nations, but the evil consequences of war. isn't it? When I saw the sixth grade kids in our school all gearing up to kill all the Japanese, when I heard the fifth grade kids in our school say that watching Japanese animation is a traitor, when my colleague said they should throw one in Japan I was so afraid of the atomic bomb. Because the mind is blinded by empty hatred, it is a terrible thing to repeat the war of hatred! When I traveled to Japan alone this summer, I saw a lot of live Japanese, three-dimensional, real, they were very friendly to me, a Chinese, and I got a lot of help. I don't know, after so many things, if I go again, the result will be the same. Hatred begets hatred, and the fire of hatred we ignite will one day burn to ourselves. Don't let the land we love be destroyed by war!
Some do evil, some do good, some are weak, some are brave, some are gullible, some are rational, the Japanese and the Chinese, like all other nations, are as varied. So, don't be like Hody, just hate Japan; don't be like Hody, let the children inherit hatred from generation to generation; don't be like Hody, persecute compatriots who are friendly to Japan; don't be like Hody, for revenge And deliberately provoke disputes; learn to forgive.
Yes, forgiveness is not that simple. Even though Princess Otohime said before her death that no matter who the culprit who killed her came from, don't let hatred take over you. However, it was precisely because of his hatred of humans that the prince's resentment for indulging the Mermaid Street continued to grow. When he realized that if this continued, the Fishman Island would be self-destructed by the new hatred of humans, and there was nothing he could do. Fortunately, there is Luffy on Fishman Island, but we don't! So, don't carry the heavy burden of the past, and before it's too late, clear all the undead that cover our eyes!
"Aren't we friends?" Luffy said.
We must be friends, can't we?
ps I'm sorry, I didn't express it very well, but please watch "One Piece"!
I believe that a person from a country that can create a character like Luffy, a country where the average person has two copies of "One Piece", is not as bad as you think!

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