To Ace

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To Ace:

Watching pirates was an accident. When changing the channel, I happened to see the thirsty Zoro being tied to a cross in Kaku and passing by. I don't know how long it took. When I changed the channel, I saw Robin crying and calling me to live. After an unknown amount of time, time suddenly changed to Luffy's memories. I really didn't expect that the first time I saw you was actually you as a child, stubborn, strong, and at a loss to express your love. I didn't know it yet, this smiling child exists only in memories.
After the college entrance examination, I didn't follow Conan, and I didn't make up for Inuyasha. In my head, there was that little boy with a sunny face. I wanted to know what he would be like when he grew up, and I couldn't wait to meet the boy named Ace.

So in a street restaurant in Alabasta, I saw you with your face buried in the food. It was such an unromantic encounter. Then you lifted your distorted face from the plate, talking to yourself without anyone else, even wiping your mouth with the girl's skirt, then holding Luffy's wanted order, returning to your normal expression for the first time, and said with a smile : "I'm looking for my brother." It's no exaggeration to say that you made my heart beat violently. When Ace grew up, he was actually such a clear boy, and even the small freckles on his face added a lot of brilliance to you. "There are bandit gentlemen, such as cutting like sparring, like grinding, like grinding. Si Xi shovel Xi, He Xi noisy." Impressively think of "Qi Ao".

I didn't know you at that time, so I was a little afraid that the plot would continue to develop, that you were different from what I imagined. But when I see that you will chase a dangerous person all the way for the death of your partner; respect your brother's dream, you can make a man's oath with confidence; your elegant and polite manner makes me wonder why your appearance is so ridiculous. . When you left the team, I was thinking, I'll see you soon, but the reality is a joke.

I finally saw you again, Fire Fist VS Blackbeard, but what I learned was your fiasco. The fire-like youth was to be sent into the icy advance city. Later, I heard from Luffy that you were going to be executed. Some worry, but more joy. I started praying and urged Luffy to hurry up and hurry up. From the undersea prison to the naval headquarters, be sure to catch up with you early. Your role has begun to increase. Although it is a little distressing to see you covered in bruises, when have pirates ever been afraid of getting hurt? What will you do after the big event? Will there be no news for a few years? When's the next time I see you? You will be rescued. You are going to realize your great dreams. You're going to take care of that little brother who always gets you in trouble. You promise he will never die. However, at that moment of that day in that year, the tenderness turned into the fire in the chest, and the bright red guard that kept pouring out, made your vows stuck abruptly. How can you leave?

Portgas D. Ace.

The world was suddenly quiet. I told myself over and over again, this is Oda's trap, you will only play a few times if you don't have an accident, you are Roger's son, and you still have a lot to play. Then I saw your life card burnt out, saw your tomb and read countless articles and analysis articles in memory of you, and then I realized that this was the plot that was decided three years ago. It was me who pushed back the time. It was me who met you after time. My grief, postponed.

Memories burst with Luffy's tears, and I saw you again as a child. It turns out that the first time I met you, it is already a memory.

Suddenly remembered the flower language of the sunflower: silent love.

PS. There are sentences citing other texts, because that also writes my heart

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