The most precious treasure in life.

Lukas 2022-10-17 21:50:11

The first time I met One Piece, it was in 2007. Think about it, it's been so long. Before that, I didn't know what the world was like. I went to school, went home, and watched TV every day. Well...the so-called thought is to be enlightened a little. To get out of my own small circle and see the big world, when I was young, I didn't have the ability. people need a little enlightenment. .
It's very simple to say. I watched a few episodes at my brother's house and liked it the most. It's strange. Maybe the inextricable connections are actually written in life. I was still immersed in my new skills that I just got online. I just watched a few episodes when I got home, and then this computer pulled me into a new world and invaded it. Ocean, sailboat, sun spray. As a result, I woke up and found myself sleeping on a pirate ship. If I had surrendered to the bondage of the world, if I had been comfortable in the puppet-like setting, then I think that the frog in the well was born.
Like a treasure, so many years have taught me how to cherish, learn to tolerate, learn to chase dreams, and learn to struggle. That thing called textbook, I really don't believe that it has such ability. This is the difference between the big world and the bottom of the well, and this is why people think, and the world must constrain thought (because of interests, interests, and years).
I believe that if you can find such a treasure in your short life, then you must be happy, please cherish it no matter what, this treasure may one day dissipate her light, but on that day, please look back Looking at the road you have traveled together, I believe that there will be infinite emotions. At this time, please say something: I have come all the way, thank you.

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