Share a few interesting points in One Piece

Jayme 2022-11-12 22:01:14

There is no choice to recommend it because the plot is too protracted, and the impatient person is killed in minutes.

After watching less than 300 episodes, I found a few interesting points, and I will share them here:
1. Luffy will always be the last
Straw Hat Pirates. Every time Luffy fights against a crime group, Luffy will always be at the beginning because of all kinds of stupidity. His mistakes were delayed or he was beaten half to death. When the other members were almost beaten by the big boss, Luffy always appeared like a savior, and then suddenly broke out and defeated the bad guys. Even later, the team members will say that to leave the big bad to Luffy, everyone just delays time...

2. Episode 568 Facing the future!
Luffy, who entered the new world on the road to the sun, already has a god-like aura, and gradually began to be more connected with One Piece. Luffy's position design in the Straw Hats is also more obvious: in the middle and front of Solo and Sanji. In order to show the value of Luffy's contribution to the fish, from the intensified racial conflict to the final blood transfusion to break the century-old curse by two authoritative figures, it is really an ideal country.

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One Piece quotes

  • Monkey D. Luffy: [about Nami possibly being trapped on a forbidden island] Look at it this way: if he really is omnipotent he'd know he'd go rescue her. So, if he didn't want us to go he'd send her back, which mean he really *does* want us to go!

  • [repeated line]

    Sanji: That's no way to treat a lady!