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Hailee 2022-11-06 00:28:59

Seeing Ace's death, the tears flowed all the time, and it took a lot of hard work to save him, but in the end he was killed by Akainu for saving Luffy. I was really unwilling. Calm down and analyze that Whitebeard is dead and Ace is dead. The old era has passed and a new era has arrived. This is the foundation and need for Luffy to lead a new era.

1. I saw some comments on iQiyi that if Luffy hadn't rescued Ace, Ace probably wouldn't have died. With the strength of the Whitebeard Pirates, they simply cannot defeat the three generals of the government. Whitebeard can also resist them, but the physical condition is not as good as the previous one-to-three. It is precisely because the powerful partners that Luffy brought out of prison can still block the three generals and lieutenant generals, help Luffy clear the way, and everyone's cover, Luffy can go forward to save Ace despite everything. .

2. There are also some comments that if Luffy hadn't been unable to move at the critical moment, and gave Akainu a chance to sneak attack, Ace would not have died to save him. After Luffy rescued Ace, Whitebeard resisted the navy by himself and let the Whitebeard Pirates retreat. Ace was angered by Akainu's slander of Whitebeard, showing that he is a person who values ​​love and affection, and at the same time he is not forgiving The hairy boy will suffer in the end.

3. Ace is always looking for answers, is my birth really a good thing? Ace, who has no father and no mother, has been seeking the shadow of his biological father since he was a child. Facing the resentment and resentment against Roger, he could not stand his biological father being said to be heinous, and threw his fists at them. If he was born, Luffy and the Whitebeard Pirates would accompany him at the same time, but he did not live up to his father's sacrifice. If you die, you will also feel that you deserve to die. You don't have to live in the eyes of the world's hatred. It is a kind of relief with a little regret.

4. Whitebeard said that the old era that belonged to him has passed. Now is the arrival of a new era. He is willing to exchange his own life for the future of the stupid sons. Whitebeard knows that his wish is family and the years spent with the stupid son. He was satisfied and contented. For Ace's death, he expressed his unspoken anger as his father beheading the Navy Akainu, and it was also a kind of heartache for not protecting his son. If Ace was alive, he would regret that he didn't listen to his father's words. He was caught and executed by Blackbeard, and his friends died in order to save him. In the end, his father also died and was captured by Blackbeard. Going away from the shocking fruit will lead to self-blame and pain. Why not just die with Whitebeard when pain remains in the world, and you will be clean.

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