enjoy being single

Eileen 2022-04-19 09:02:06

Taiwan translates this drama as single bang bang bang, what the hell! I thought it was a heavy-duty love drama, but I didn't expect it to be a small and fresh literary style.
The only feeling after watching it is that being single can be very beautiful, and many things don't have to be accompanied by others.
Some time ago, I was in a hurry, and the people around me were also in a hurry. Everyone wanted to get off the list as soon as possible. I became completely different from myself. I took the initiative to chat with a man (a stranger, so to speak), and I didn't know him at all. I only met him twice, which was impossible for me to do before.

The feeling is very deep. The heroine in the title tells her boyfriend that she has never lived alone since she was a child. She wants to be separated from her boyfriend for a while to experience and experience some things. In the end, she works out alone, climbs a mountain alone, and cooks alone. ....life is brilliant.

I really yearn for this kind of life, but I live with my parents, which limits my freedom to a certain extent. I have the opportunity to try to help out and see what it feels like to live alone.

In fact, I feel that I am a good person now. I usually have good friends to accompany me, and I have family members at home. Everyone is healthy and has nothing to worry about. I feel that my boyfriend is just icing on the cake and not necessary. For me at the moment. Forcing is often not good results.

In the end, I really want to have a friend like Robin.

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  • Tom: Marriage! The end of spontaneous sex, travelling by yourself, and buying whatever you want without having to ask permission. Right?

  • Alice: Do you want to go see the Rockefeller tree?

    Robin: No, Buzz-Cut and Dimples are visiting from Italy, and they want to know all about American Christmas traditions like us sitting on their faces.