There's no need to agree as soon as someone chases you! ! ! Who doesn't have dick sand? Of course, the premise is that the handsome dick

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Brother Kan recommended me many times, let me read the single guide.

When I watched it, I cried out countless times: I feel the same way! In the first half, I kept thinking: I want to drink now/go to listen to music/go high, don't care about anything, go to bed at night and go out at night, and in the second half I want to shout: This Nima is me! ! ! It just fits seamlessly!

The heroine is a little girl with a boyfriend. She is very sweet and very suitable for daily life. It feels like a couple who are going to get married. But the heroine has to die, experience a single life and then determine whether she really wants to be with him for a lifetime, which is a half-time break.

But after something happened, the heroine found that "there are too few reliable boys these days, and I can't handle many things when I live alone." She found that her boyfriend was a peerless man, and when she turned back, her boyfriend was dating someone else. From this, I can see that single dogs without lovers eat dog food every day and feel that all the good men are gone, but those who have lovers try to find things every day. But even if the good men are driven away by the women, he still doesn't come to you. Do you have a problem with the channel?

The middle paragraph left a deep impression on me: bartender Tom and Alice came to an ONS and confessed his little tips for not letting women have lustful long-term relationships. For example, there is no water at all in the place where you live, so women have to leave on their own when they wake up the next day (damn this female writer is so annoying, her two movies teach girls not to be obsessed, but women don't imagine living It’s okay if you can’t go on, okay, it’s me) but I have to say that this little tip for men is not that useful. Among women, there are many mothers with advanced cancer. She wants to develop a long-term relationship with you even if she goes out and buys it. will also stay. But it's conceivable how hard men are trying to prevent a long-term relationship from being confirmed. In short, so far, the bar man has given his answer to the question of being single, that is, to keep dating and stay out of a long-term relationship.

And Alice has also gained happiness and unhappiness in this chaotic single life. She met Tom, a good (seemingly) bar man, had a good time, and met David, who was very good at flirting with girls. relationship. But after getting hurt from them, I found myself unable to open the zipper and remembered my ex-boyfriend. (Miss, this is very cowardly, after all, your ex-boyfriend is just a spare tire, you just need someone to help you zip your back and help you fix the TV. And you can't unzip the zipper and take it off. How do you wear it? ahhhhh!!)

Maybe some people are like this, they want to fall in love, so they take seriously all the men who they like and who seem to like them, ignore their own life, and in the end there is nothing left, only the self who seems to have worked hard and loneliness. To put it simply, it means making a big bet and then using more energy to be sentimental when you lose. How can people like me be really new when they are shouting for change every day but doing the exact same things as before. I still remember the past because I don't want to move forward at all. Alice explained that she wants to live a single life, but she has been unconsciously pursuing a new romantic relationship and has not made any efforts for her new life. In the end, Alice's best friend fell out with Alice. Alice thought that when her ex-boyfriend turned back to her and was about to have sex, he found out that the other party just wanted to have a formal breakup so that he could marry his current girlfriend. So Alice finally realized that she was still struggling with the relationship during her so-called single period. So Alice worked hard to prepare for what she wanted to do, to find a way to deal with the moment when she needed a man. When I finally fulfilled my wish, the inscription line appeared:

So the most important thing is to get along with yourself. But I want to say, if you don't break up at first, then you won't have so many things later! You can find yourself together! There are not so many excuses! But in short, the idea was completed and the boudoir was harvested.

About the amount of alcohol: If you drink more than the amount of alcohol for two people, you will definitely go to bed. I am really confused, and it is full of routines. Looking for a reason, can you be more sincere?

As for the bar man's rejection of love, it's just a matter of sex. I can't tell if it's good or bad, but I've always imagined men like this. They don't want to be responsible, and they won't refuse to find beautiful women who come to their door. Favorite type It is to live well and not stick to others, and it is best not to have so many problems. The Moon and Sixpence says, "Because women are weak, they have a very strong desire to dominate, and they will not be reconciled unless you have complete control over you. Women are narrow-minded and very jealous of abstract things that she does not understand." I'm afraid most men think so, and maybe that's why they think women are so fascinated by contracts. But there are also women who don't want a long-term relationship with you, just like a bar guy needs a buddy. The poor barman was ridiculed at the end of the film, as if he was saying that people who have been dating all the time deserve it, and he should also be quite wrong.

About dick sand, if you want to be loved every day, it will be bright if you give some sunshine. Personally, I think it is, not every man who shows up to you is worth it.

The last thing to say: a man who is running water, a best friend who is beaten by iron. Cherish your best friend, maybe she is super rich, after all, a single dog will not be very cool without money. smile smile smile

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    Live your life first

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    In my opinion, like BJ's Singles Diary, this movie shows a new era of women's changing views on dating. In this day and age, we must always remember that we have many choices, and we should figure out what we really need before being ourselves.

How to Be Single quotes

  • Tom: Marriage! The end of spontaneous sex, travelling by yourself, and buying whatever you want without having to ask permission. Right?

  • Alice: Do you want to go see the Rockefeller tree?

    Robin: No, Buzz-Cut and Dimples are visiting from Italy, and they want to know all about American Christmas traditions like us sitting on their faces.