A deeply love-phobic sufferer said he saw the wrong movie. . .

Tyrel 2022-04-19 09:02:06

At first glance at this topic, I thought it was a story about a single dog, and I thought the heroine was like the heroine's sister, who has been single for many years.
After reading the results, I found that the heroine was surrounded by a bunch of male prostitutes, although there was no so-called love between her and them. . .

Forget it, if you read it wrong, you will see it wrong, and movie reviews are still indispensable. . .
The female protagonist is that kind. In fact, it is not that she loves a certain boyfriend very much, but she maintains this or that connection with these boys.
It's just because she is afraid of being single, as the heroine's friend and colleague said, the heroine is always eager to be loved.
This state is actually quite sad, but in reality, there are actually quite a lot of such girls.
Many girls have a princess dream, always thinking that when they grow up, there will be boys who love you very much.
But the reality is that I love you very much, just your father.
In fact, being single is not terrible. What
is terrible is that
you are single, but you don't know how to enjoy the happiness of being single.
You have a partner, but you don't know the joy of being together.
In each state,
you can't find the feeling that suits you, and
this is the most uncomfortable.
The heroine, in a relationship, does not know how to cherish the pleasure of being together, and wants to find the feeling of being single.
Really no company, began to panic again.

The gap between this drama and "He Actually Doesn't Like You That Much" is still quite big.
Although the theme is the same, there are not many new ideas.

After watching this movie, patients with deep love phobia said that they really watched the wrong movie
and became more and more ill. . .

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  • Kathryne 2022-04-24 07:01:09

    I haven't been single for more than 3 months after the age of 20, I think this piece of logic is very confusing. But life has always been a mess. It's not so much How to be single as how to be yourself.

  • Ellen 2022-04-23 07:02:22

    Great ensemble cast, cliche female characters. There are so many twists set up to try to get rid of the "extremely old-fashioned" but this kind of story is still developed a long time ago. What's up with Anders Holm? You see him all the time in movies like this. this is mostly for girls who bounce between relationships, not for me

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