How to be not single?

Camryn 2022-04-20 09:01:44

On the flight home from the US, I clicked on this romance movie and wanted to relax. In recent years, most of the romance films have seen the title and posters and have roughly expected values. Overall, this one is nothing special. But just like the New York cheesecake that every dessert shop will make, each one has some different experiences and benefits. There is still a little bit of caution in this play. Throughout the film, the urban lustful men and women are trying to learn how to be single, but the essence is all the efforts and obstacles set up by reality to not be single. There are many characters, and the clues are mainly the bar owner and his various py and friends. Just like a unit drama, several symbolic boys will appear in turns, and then they will be out for various reasons. This is a necessary routine for urban romance dramas. But the music is picturesque, it sounds just right, and it matches the clean picture until the point is reached. It doesn't matter if the plot is suspended again. Sometimes a romance film can be successful if it involves feelings, Christmas, sadness, and glitz. This film has done enough homework. . So when the heroine and the man who only met on one side look at the Christmas night scene of the city through the floor-to-ceiling windows, the music is everywhere, the main theme of love myself and mine, we suddenly resonate with the single feeling of this moment, sometimes the so-called love is nothing more than not wanting to stand alone Watch fireworks in the corner. In the last scene, the heroine of single climbed to the peak and overlooked everything. I felt relieved. I had troubles, laughed, loved, and parted. I may still be lonely in the end, but the plane is coming to the station. More than 1 hour journey to find love.

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  • Hollis 2022-03-24 09:02:02

    At that time, I stretched out my hand desperately / I saw the outline and regarded it as the universe / Now the story has developed into a me / I have learned that life can enjoy loneliness. PS: Damei's eyes and Damei's temperament remind me of my first love, and my heart aches.

  • Kathryne 2022-04-24 07:01:09

    I haven't been single for more than 3 months after the age of 20, I think this piece of logic is very confusing. But life has always been a mess. It's not so much How to be single as how to be yourself.

How to Be Single quotes

  • Tom: Marriage! The end of spontaneous sex, travelling by yourself, and buying whatever you want without having to ask permission. Right?

  • Alice: Do you want to go see the Rockefeller tree?

    Robin: No, Buzz-Cut and Dimples are visiting from Italy, and they want to know all about American Christmas traditions like us sitting on their faces.