Blanca 2022-04-20 09:01:44

I watched this movie on the plane from Los Angeles back to Shanghai.
I don’t really like watching it on the plane. I don’t know why, but it took 13 hours to fly and
I couldn’t eat or sleep. And I liked the style of movie I
watched for an hour on the plane. I thought it was wonderful. The typical American style,
but when I went back to Shanghai last week to make up the extra parts, I felt it was far-fetched
. The fat girl reminds me of the one from BJ's single diary
in America no matter how fat you are, as long as you have confidence
, and what the heroine wants to convey in the end, I can't quite understand it,
maybe all she wants to say is the big talk Well, you will meet a better yourself. Right, he will make you a better you.
Memories of more than three years ago, I followed the movie Beijing to meet Seattle, and I am still exploring the topic of the right person for
more than three years. Plus this time Two years later, when I return to the United States, my feelings are different.
I saw some people in the film reviews say that I have to go out and see more to see that the world is not so narrow
. I agree with it very much, but the contradiction is that when I return to my own world,
I can't do it . Those visions and positive energies are like this time, even if I feel different, I feel that I don’t have enough energy and physical strength.
On the way back, I still struggled a bit, including the first morning when I woke up in Shanghai, I found that I woke up from a dream
and returned to that world. To struggle, to work hard, to gossip, and to live
for others It's nothing more than always having a good time when you're married or not, because once you're married, your life will really be different. Then, no matter how much you miss it, you won't be able to return to the past.

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  • Eriberto 2022-03-28 09:01:04

    The fat man's self-confidence comes from the abundance of wealth.

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    Taiwanese translators have sex with one person, although the brain is disabled, but after reading it, I do have the urge to make an appointment.

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