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Teach you how to be an elegant single dog. Watching this movie is purely due to the Amway of Lao Yao and Yi Xin on the official account, but I did think a lot after watching it. Because of the inspiration this movie gave me, I figured out some seemingly unsolvable problems. Although I don't have the rich life experience of Damei, I have the same restless heart. In general, this movie is a movie worth watching in all aspects, the rhythm is good, and the appearance of the protagonists in the middle are all online, although it seems that the heroine Damei and Allison have no direct intersection so I can Personally, I think it's a bit abrupt, but thinking about it carefully, the experiences of the two people just form a sharp contrast. This is also a design by the screenwriter, what is it conveying to us? In general, the most emotional aspect for me is the emotional aspect. Alice broke up with her ex-boyfriend if she wanted to live a single life, and her boyfriend kept her, but she seemed very determined, so she started her single journey. In the middle, he met some other boys, which made her grow up. She seemed to understand what she wanted. She couldn't stand loneliness, but she couldn't find someone to warm her up. In the end, she thought her ex-boyfriend still loved her. Looking at her, it turned out to be just a spur of the moment thinking with the lower body. So, she finally had the courage to find what she wanted by herself, without anyone to accompany her. Obviously, she still broke up with her ex-boyfriend, which seemed a bit contrived, but she actually didn't know what she wanted until then. She is used to relying on others, but also longs for independence and self. When there is no one around her to rely on, she still misses her ex-boyfriend, but at this time her self-esteem tells her that she can't go back. In such a situation, she forces herself to grow up alone, maybe one day, she grows up to No longer confused, she doesn't need anyone to help her drive away loneliness and helplessness when she is in her heart. Love is a good thing, but it is really easy for people to lose themselves easily. Sometimes, the probability of finding a like-minded soul mate is very small, so many people choose to change themselves to adapt to others. This is a kind of Many people have a tendency to include myself, but at this time, perhaps we ourselves have not found the true self. In other words, if you don't like yourself, how can you expect others to like you. A lot of things, don't rely on finding one person, you can do it, it can only be said that two people together can do what two people want to do, rather than finding one person to do what you can't do alone. When you see others in pairs, you also want to find your own love, but the love of others may not be as beautiful as you see. In the case of the heroine, I am also looking for Find yourself, single or in love, you have to find yourself. Life is so beautiful, when two people are beautiful, when one is also beautiful. Didn't the heroine always feel that she was bound by what she wanted to do and wanted to break free because the two were together? Just like Mr. Qian Zhongshu's "Besieged City", the people inside want to go out, and the people outside want to go in. People are most likely to ignore the happiness of the moment. It is also human nature to watch what is in the bowl and what is in the pot. Being content with happiness is easier said than done. So I think the heroine has nothing to lose, at least she found herself. So, try to like yourself, let yourself do something that can make you happy, as for the happiness of two people, just feel it, just like it

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  • Tom: Marriage! The end of spontaneous sex, travelling by yourself, and buying whatever you want without having to ask permission. Right?

  • Alice: Do you want to go see the Rockefeller tree?

    Robin: No, Buzz-Cut and Dimples are visiting from Italy, and they want to know all about American Christmas traditions like us sitting on their faces.