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Looking at the appearance of the second male lead, there is currently a cut version on iQIYI. The ones that have been deleted should be all sex scenes, which will not affect the main story line. Although the extramarital affairs between the female lead and the second male lead was used as a gimmick during the promotion, it was once a gimmick. It is regarded as a third-level pornographic film, but after watching this film, it is more about marriage and family thinking.

When I watched it, many people scolded the heroine in the barrage, thinking that the heroine's husband is handsome and her son is cute, and the husband is dedicated to earning money for the family. What's so dissatisfying? If the husband is not a good thing and cheats, then the heroine cheating is not a problem, why should the heroine cheat if the husband did not make a mistake?

When I was young, I also felt that "one pair for a lifetime" was the norm, and mental derailment was extremely disgusting. After entering the society and being severely beaten, I realized that human nature is complex, not black and white. "The unmatched love ➕ the best match for marriage.

The heroine in the movie has been taking care of the children at home. She goes shopping for her family and picks up her son to and from school. Even after she cheated on her, she met her friend downstairs on the second floor of the male, and she lied that she was going to buy curtains for fear of being late.

Before I cheated, I wanted to have some nightlife with my husband at home. The husband was only concerned with adjusting the camera, and finally felt a little bit. When the son called, the husband immediately got out of bed and went to see his son. This detail hits hard at many widowed women who feel that the male protagonist is really a good husband that is hard to find in the world, and he can actually take care of children.

Actually? The hostess does all the housework at home. Before the derailment, the husband put his clothes on when he woke up in the morning, and the hostess pointed it out. After the derailment, the heroine was absent-minded when cooking, the chicken was scorched, the soup pot was boiling, the son would only play with toys, and only call his mother when he found out. Sorry, the chicken was too dry. The heroine and her lover played too late and forgot to pick up her son. When she remembered it, her son had been waiting for a long time. Various details show that the heroine's life is filled with housework, and she is tired of this stagnant life.

Thinking about the three years since the outbreak of the epidemic, the community was closed at every turn, and they could only stay at home for more than ten days. This kind of life has driven many people crazy, not to mention the heroine.

The crystal ball given by the male protagonist, and the female protagonist did not realize that there was a note under it until he killed him. Is the emotional communication between the husband and wife really in place? The part where the heroine goes to her husband's company to deliver the clothes is really a stroke of genius. When the husband was trying on clothes, he suddenly received a call. He lost his temper at the phone, and immediately changed his face after hanging up. What have you done?

Perhaps most people think that this husband has good emotional management, and he doesn't bring his work to home, and he doesn't complain to his wife if he has a temper. But that's precisely the reason why their marriage was stagnant.

The husband does not regard his wife as a partner to share his emotions, and the wife realizes it herself, otherwise she will not say "you are too busy, I better go" after staying in the office for a long time.

On the other hand, the second man, he is a scumbag, but the heroine dared to lose his temper at him, and when she found out that he was hooking up with other girls, she beat him directly. The heroine regarded him as "her own". At the end of the film, a bridge is set up. The heroine caught a taxi on that windy day, and there was no more intersection with the second male, but a stranger who passed by. Many people in the barrage screamed, thinking that as long as the heroine didn't go upstairs, there would be no follow-up. But I can guarantee that in real life, even if the heroine can't go to this floor, there will be other floors for her to go up.

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