Male junior three is a high-risk industry

Skyla 2022-04-19 09:01:57

Li Cha is not the protagonist in the play "Derailment", the director uses him to deepen the dramatic effect: if you have a mature and handsome husband, your career is prosperous, your family migrates to the countryside, you are involved in flowers and grass, and you can see Nanshan leisurely. life, will you still cheat?

Many angry young women can't help but scold the cheating wife, such a good man, living such an idealistic life, so fucking dissatisfied!

In fact, the reason is the same as gambling money. When you win a million, you will feel that you should ask for more. What we think of as great achievements such as farming civilizations to industrial civilizations is, from a cosmic perspective, just a joke. Mr. Kong has long said: diet for men and women. Humans like to be arrogant. In fact, we are no different from other animals on the earth. There are only two desires, survival (stomach food and clothing), and sexual intercourse. The development of human beings is a lonely model. With the convenience of technology given to human beings by God, we will be the masters of ourselves. Everyone seems to be full of rationality and confident to meet the future. In fact, the subconscious is full of loneliness and anxiety. What will happen in the future? For example, on the issue of extraterrestrial life in the universe, scientists and religious experts are full of confidence, so the earth's resources can be squandered. We are superstitious in science and believe that before the resources are exhausted, we will move to other planets.

The madness and hatred of derailment touches the inner fear of human beings. If the train does not reach its destination according to normal prediction, the idealist will be hysterical. He finds that a small episode can disillusion all will. Richard yelled at his wife at the end: I don't want to kill him, I want to kill you. Because Li Cha felt that he worked hard for the family and worked hard without complaining. The answer is very simple. Human beings bear civilization and also pay the price of "civilization".

The male junior is a high-risk orgasm experience, similar to the Japanese eating puffer fish. Especially in eastern civilization, the interaction between patriarchal society and farming civilization, a man's wife is like the trophy of the ancient battlefield (subconscious), if the wife cheats, it is equivalent to announcing the man's defeat and surrender. If the subconscious resists, most situations will evolve into violent private fights in the real world. The light ones will be broken, and the heavy ones will be broken and bloody like the handsome European guy in "Derailment".

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  • Crystal 2021-12-10 08:01:47

    I watched it again and it still looks good. The various details are very clever and decent, and the actor selection is great. .

  • Gloria 2022-03-20 09:01:48

    Martinez really looks like an Eastern European wild model. New York suburban county marriage education film. But the first half is really good, it's really exciting to watch. Diane Lane's shivering belly. Accident. In fact, it is also a conceptualized story, but there is nothing wrong with the conceptualization.

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