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Bridie 2022-04-20 09:01:43

There are many films about erotic and moral dilemmas, but not many are detailed enough. Infidelity is one of the best in my opinion. The simple plot of melodrama is spread out and portrayed deeply, and the skillful use of mirror language is indispensable. At the same time, the performance of the actors and the arrangement of the narrative rhythm must also be properly arranged. "Infidelity" has achieved all these points. Sharp, yet refined and elegant.

Adrian Lane, who has been in contact with his works since "Lolita", has a poetic erotic description in the film, coupled with the wonderful interpretation of the actors, which makes people memorable. I really like Ryan's erotic depictions, traditional, delicate, struggling, crazy, and free. His film team can always combine emotions of different colors and concentrations just right, and put them in a certain shot. The actor's beautiful body is presented, inadvertently hitting the soft part of the audience's heart, opening the window of desire, allowing everyone to peek into the hidden world of passion.

To present desire in a movie, the first and foremost thing is to mobilize the senses of the audience. As far as "Infidelity" is concerned, the three leading actors are attractive enough in appearance, and Lynn and Martinez, who are in their prime, have released enough sexual charm. Thighs, lower abdomen, neck, the movie shows the audience the proud erogenous zones of the actors' bodies repeatedly without hesitation. The heroine played by Lynn, as a young woman with a lingering charm, even externalizes inner emotions such as longing, guilt and wandering into a subtle style, blurring the boundaries between debauchery and restraint. In addition, touch (stroking) and hearing (whispering) dominate the seductive sensory realm along with images of the body in the film.

Whether it is "Lolita" or "Infidelity", repression is the main reason for the brewing, revealing and then eruption of erotic desires. Repression is first caused by ethical dilemmas, and secondly, it is also facilitated by the space environment. In cramped apartment buildings and cramped toilets, desire always bursts out after being suppressed. The longer it is suppressed, the greater the intensity of desire. No matter how deep the guilt is, it cannot stop the betrayal. The rational dam is always vulnerable in the face of the tide of love. The traction force of desire on people is proportional to the resistance caused by various fetters in reality. The more fetters there are, the more difficult it is to resist the impulse to break through the fetters. In fact, what people who pick the forbidden fruit really enjoy is not the delicious taste of the forbidden fruit, but the pleasure of deviance, the pleasure of self-indulgence. Lane's works undoubtedly penetrate these, and better publicize the introverted exploration and beautiful and tactful literary texture of the original work.

From the perspective of moving the mirror, "Infidelity" belongs to the strict academic school. Through the misaligned front and back shots, and slowly pulling the shots, the suspicion and alienation between the characters, the loneliness and despair of individuals are quietly revealed. In addition, the film's clever use of silhouettes and props is needless to say. However, what I like the most is the scene where the heroine meets her lover for the first time. It is the first and last romance of the whole film. In the white confetti flying all over the sky, on the way back home, I happened to bump into you.

If life is just like the first sight, if life ends at the first sight?

The wind is a bit loud today.

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