The best time is: someone to accompany you when you want to be in love, and no one to disturb you when you are available

Clark 2022-04-21 09:02:20

It is said that every couple has a moment when they want to scold each other. I
heard that every girl has a moment when they want to try a new relationship.
It is said and heard. Of course, it is not credible.

There is a couple around, and the relationship has always been very good. One day, my girlfriend suddenly proposed to be separated for a period of time. Both of them are looking for their own value (including study, career, love). If you go around in circles, then it is still will be reconciled. The results of it? Of course, just like in the chick movie "How to Be Single", the two did not reconcile, but drifted apart.
This example is because I once had the same idea. I have read a lot of chicken soup articles. It is said that a good relationship is to meet the person who makes you good. Feeling down, do you need someone to accompany you when you go shopping, sing karaoke, or watch a movie? When you are depressed and want to talk to someone because of trivial matters, do you need someone to accompany you? When you buy a zippered garment and want to take it off (like in a movie), do you need someone to accompany you? Oh, I've already gotten √ on this self-unzipping skill, but for the first two points, I need someone to accompany me. I have no way to resolve the small emotions in my heart, nor can I turn a blind eye to the lovers around Yingying Yanyan, nor can I rule out that I am a little tempted by the attractive opposite sex.
A person can go to the supermarket, do yoga, write a diary, eat hot pot, blow their hair, and think about the time when no one is bothering them. I don't need to report what I bought today and how many oceans I lost.
I really like the way of life of the heroine in the movie, she is decadent, yuppie, ideal, impulsive, courageous, and oriented.
----Written after watching the movie, only to realize that it has changed since "He doesn't really like you that much"

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