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I watched a movie tonight? Unfaithful; it was a movie from 18 years ago, the camera is full of sense, the heroine is a sexy stunner, a middle-class American housewife, her daily routine is to take her children and occasionally participate in some charity auction activities, and she knows friends Most of them are the wives of their husband’s colleagues. The seemingly good life is actually dull and boring, and the husband is always busy with work and often works overtime at home until late. Although he is the boss of the company, he has to deal with a lot of things every day. The important thing is that the sexual desire of women cannot be satisfied, and women also have a very attractive figure and beauty. On a typhoon day, a woman accidentally met a handsome young French guy. Compared with his middle-aged husband, the young man's glance and smile were so charming. I went to the guy's apartment, and then frantically released the passion there. Unfortunately, the movie cut the passion scene, but through the few shots, you can still feel the nourished happiness of a woman. On one side is a happy family and an 8-year-old son, and on the other side is a crazy love. The woman is deeply involved in it. Unexpectedly, the husband has already seen everything and arranged for detectives to track the woman. The husband came to the French guy's apartment under the guise of a short business trip, but the woman had just left and decided to cut ties with the guy. But her husband saw the wedding anniversary gift he gave his wife in the French guy's apartment. He broke down and accidentally killed the guy. The husband who was going to call the police decided to dispose of the body after hesitating for a while... Then it was that kind of psychological description, Undoubtedly, the husband loves his wife deeply, and the wife also loves her husband and children. It is just a momentary lust that ruins the originally happy family. There are always different temptations on the road of life. When you choose one road to go down, you will definitely be farther and farther away from the other road. The scenery on the road may be eye-catching, but if you are delayed by the scenery, you will miss a lot of travel.… After watching the movie, I was thinking, how should I face such a situation in my marriage relationship, whether to follow my heart to satisfy my own desires or to control myself and be content with the status quo. In fact, I think most people's self-discipline is not so strong, which is why loyalty is particularly important, and a few are valuable. What happens to others is a story, what happens to oneself is an accident. It's all the experience of life, nothing is absolute, depending on how we face it, we can't always advertise that kind of dull life that doesn't hurt or itch!

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  • Tracy: Having an affair is nothing like taking a pottery class.

    Sally: Could be.

    Tracy: No. It would start out like that, and then, um, something would happen. Someone, uh, finds out, or someone falls in love, and it ends disastrously. It always ends disastrously.

  • Bill Stone: Wait. Wait a minute. You're telling me about family? Well, you don't know the first goddamn thing about it. Why don't you take a look at your own fucking family, Ed? Take a goddamn look at that.